View Full Version : Lodima Fine Art Silver Chloride Paper Update 8/6/09

Michael A. Smith
6-Aug-2009, 06:40
This is a reminder that prices go up at 12:01 A.M. EDT on Saturday August 8. If you would like to order paper, now would be the best time.

The following sizes will need to be ordered before the paper is cut in approximately mid-September, as we will not be stocking them: 9x11, 10x12, 8x20, 16x 20. We will stock 8x10 in 100 and 250 sheet boxes, 11x14, and 20x24.


Yours for beautiful black and white prints,

Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee

John Bowen
6-Aug-2009, 09:00
Thanks Michael,

I just purchased a few more boxes of 8x10...

John Bowen
7-Aug-2009, 03:22