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Anthony Lewis
4-Aug-2009, 03:23
Itís about time all Large Formatís in Sydney got together. So I have taken the liberty to organising the meeting. I feel it is best for starters to have a central location, so it is at Ballís Head Reserve, Waverton, next to the barbecue area, adjacent to the car park. As Carey Bird has pointed out I have no plans for inclement weather. If anyone has suggestions if it rains then please post it here.

Iím thinking mid afternoon Ė say 3pm Ė on Saturday August 22. I will put on a bit of a sausage sandwich barbecue, and we will talk about Ďwhateverí over a few beers. I would like all to bring some gear to show off and talk about. If anyone anywhere in Australia Ė or the world - wishes to turn up then all the better. If anyone is just dead keen on film then turn up as well.

If anyone wants to have a bit of a soapbox on the philosophy of film, while loaded with some beers, then go for it! So lets pass the word around Ė the more the merrier.

Please post it here if your turning up?

4-Aug-2009, 03:48
Hi Anthony,

Thanks for organising this. At this stage I plan to be there - wife and weather permitting.

Will bring a Technika and a slab.


4-Aug-2009, 04:52
"Will bring a Technika and a slab." - how can that not be an awesome event!?! For once I am wishing I lived further north....


Anthony Lewis
4-Aug-2009, 13:53
Marc, If you leave at 3.00am then you will make it - no problems!

Anthony Lewis
6-Aug-2009, 13:38
There are a few very significant players in our LF community who cannot make Saturday August 22. So I am considering changing the date to Saturday 12 September kicking off at 1.00pm. Same location: Balls Head Reserve, Waverton.

Can each of you let me know if this suits you so I can get a good idea if this is a better date? In the end no one day is going to accommodate all, but I certainly want a date when almost all can turn up!

This is a meeting for all Large formatters to get together, but my attitude is anyone who has a keen interest in film, anyone with interesting/unusual gear, MF’s, etc, are more than welcome.

6-Aug-2009, 15:20
Hi Anthony,

12 Sept fine by me (subject to all the usual caveats etc)

Anthony Lewis
9-Aug-2009, 03:37
I’ve had a lot stronger response for Saturday 12 September for our Sydney LF’s meet than the 22nd of this month (particularly at APUG). So I am changing the date to the 12th and it won’t change.

Would you all please pass the word around?

Large Formatters Meet – and anyone else just keen on film
Place: Balls Head Reserve (adjacent to the car park), Waverton
Time: Saturday 12 September at 1.00pm
Options: bring some gear to show off, a wee drink, and lunch (optional)

Please remember this is a drive-only location, and as much as I love a beer, we (I) need to be careful. Also I have no idea what we are going to do if it rains – any ideas?

9-Aug-2009, 06:18
Hey guys!

Sorry if I hijack this thread for a bit. I have an assignment to shoot the Northern Territories for which I will be shooting everything on LF. I'll be traveling through Sydney on the evening of the 19th so unfortunately I will miss the meet up on the 12th. It would be great to meet up with some fellow LF users in town on the evening of the 19th, beers on me! If anyone is interested in meeting up and trading stories, please PM me!!!


largeformat apt
9-Aug-2009, 14:46
I'll try for the 12th. Work depending. Not sure if I'll bring the 8 x 10 beast. About a three hours drive.

Anthony Lewis
7-Sep-2009, 20:46
Since it has been a couple of weeks I need to remind all those Sydneysiders that our inaugural meet is on this Saturday. Please all come along and bring some gear.

Large Formatters Meet – and anyone else just keen on film
Place: Balls Head Reserve (adjacent to the car park), Waverton
Time: Saturday 12 September at 1.00pm
Options: bring some gear to show off, a wee drink, and lunch (optional)

I am intending to fire up the barbecues - hope they work - and put on a gourmet sausage sizzle. I will bring an esky with ice - just to store the film stock of course!

See you all there.

Anthony Lewis
15-Sep-2009, 14:12
I want to thank everyone for coming. I was a bit nervous about it, but we ended up with 10 all up which I think is a pretty good attendance. It goes to show we can put on as good a show as those Melbournians! We had a wide variety of interesting gear/different formats - I think only 2 cameras the same brand, but different models. It goes to show between ten people we all approach our photography from different points of view which gives plenty to talk about.

I'm not to sure where to from here - so suggestions are welcome. I feel we should have regular meetings, but more 'showing photos' orientated. I have this idea of having a LF gallery exhibition - all of us contributing. I think a purely film exhibition, and LF as well, is now a unique thing. An existing gallery may take us on, or do it ourselves. A friend of mine is a landscape artist, and he hires a publicist for each of his exhibitions. The publicist doesn't cost much and he gets his photo and articles in all the local newspapers. Just something to think about - craftsmen are generally not good at selling themselves.

I was really amiss. I should have got each of your email addresses and phone numbers to organise whatever in the future. I would appreciate it if each of you could send me a private Message with those details?

Thanks all for coming - Tony Lewis

15-Sep-2009, 15:07
Hi Tony, You'll be aware that I responded on APUG because that's where most of the attendees seem to congregate. But for the record: a great day was had by all. Lots of interesting hardware and discussion. My earlier comments about contingency plans for bad weather were misguided - I'm still dealing with sunburn...

I look forward to the next outing. I like the idea of showing pictures next time round. And an exhibition is a great idea if we can manage it.

Thanks again for the snags and beer.


Carey Bird

13-May-2011, 17:22
Has this become a regular event, or was it a one off?

15-May-2011, 00:06
It was a one off, but we should do it again soon

18-May-2011, 05:11
So who is up for this again?

18-May-2011, 05:28
I'm keen, though I won't be in Sydney until July.

Michael Wynd
18-May-2011, 16:41
I'm in if it can be in September.

20-May-2011, 01:46
i am in like flinn