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don mills
31-Jul-2009, 16:45
I need a new 8x10 and am considering the Chamonix. Has anyone used the late model with carbon fiber?


Has this camera been reviewed online anywhere?



Jan Pedersen
31-Jul-2009, 17:42
Not sure there is any difference between a new and the model they made a year ago. I received mine (Canadian Maple) in April last year and have shot between 250 350 sheets of film with the camera. Could not be happier. It is light weight, ridgid and very easy to set-up and fold and have the movements i need.
Only negative point is the bellows material which is not light tight for infrared film.
I have wrapped my dark cloth around the bellows and been succesful a few times but there's no 100% certainty that it works every time.
Altogether i am very happy with the camera.

31-Jul-2009, 18:19
i just got mine from the latest shipment 4 weeks ago or so.

very happy with it, and Hugo is a pleasure to deal with.

not sure how previous camera models were, but this has been
a pure joy to shoot with.

Robert Fisher
31-Jul-2009, 18:39
Don, if interested, I have an Ebony SW810 that has been used 7 times since purchased new. It obviously is in a different category than the Chamonix BUT DOESN'T COST THAT MUCH MORE.

I will be listed at $3800 NET.

Also have a 150XL/210XL/360 Sironar S/holders/etc. etc.

31-Jul-2009, 21:26
The Chamonix is nice. There is a YouTube demonstration of an 8x10 Chamonix that you could check out.

I just bought an 8x10 and bought a Wehman. I have not been able to use it yet - just got it this week. But I am very pleased with it. I bought the "heavy" one at 8.7 pounds, very compact, folds into its own aluminum shell with a smallish lens attached, measures 12x13x3.6 inches so it is very portable, and is made in the USA. It costs less than any of the extant alternatives. It is a very simple camera with good specs but no frills. If you carry your camera at all, this is hard to beat.

31-Jul-2009, 21:44
I've enjoyed my Cham 8x10 (and 4x5), I like it.

Allen in Montreal
31-Jul-2009, 22:23

very happy with it, and Hugo is a pleasure to deal with.


I tried to e mail Hugo and all my e mails bounced back. What e mail did you reach him with? Tks,

1-Aug-2009, 01:13
Here is a direct link to the youtube demonstration video of a Chamonix 8x10;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOjJTnuZUdY (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOjJTnuZUdY)

1-Aug-2009, 06:18
Phone Number: (909)576-1199
Email: hugoz_2000@yahoo.com

Richard K.
1-Aug-2009, 07:02
Phone Number: (909)576-1199
Email: hugoz_2000@yahoo.com

Hugo moved in the past year, I think. His e-mail address is in fact


but there is an underscore between the z and 2 not just a space. This may not be obvious if the entire address is underlined. Also, I believe his phone number has changed to (909) 594 3857.