View Full Version : Sinar 8x10 Bag bellows - identifying which model

Darryl Baird
30-Jul-2009, 21:27
I bought a Sinar 8x10 C, it came with the standard 8x10>4x5 bellows. OK, so far. I bought a chrome front P standard and have been using the camera heavily in my little studio. Now I want to venture outside and bought a bag bellows advertised as "Sinar" for some interior shots and found the (just arrived) bellows are too small to fit my 8x10 rear frame/standard. Whoa (woe?) baby! It fit on the 4x5 front frame just fine.

I have a metering back and it seems, from looking at an old Sinar catalog, what I received might be for the F model? I just can't tell if this is the correct bellows for that either since there are no measurements given. With only one "coupling" frame I may have purchased a Horseman or ???

any ideas or help appreciated

Robert Fisher
31-Jul-2009, 05:30
Darryl, your metering back only accepts a 11.75" (maybe 12") rear frame size.

Non metering 810 bellows have a 10.75" rear frame size.

Front frame size is standard on all.

5-Aug-2009, 07:25
Hi Darryl
The frame of the standard tapered bellows that fit inside the carrier frame of 8X10 Metering Back is 12.2” square(31cm square). The same for MB wide angle bellows.
The corresponding dimensions in the Non-Metering Back WA bellows should be smaller.
Product No of Sinar 8X10 MB wide angle bellows is 455.58
As far as I know the back of the Sinar F 8X10 is a metering type.
Hope this will help.

16-Aug-2014, 07:19
Can anyone determine, judging by this photo alone, if these bellows are non-MB (10.75 square) or MB 455.58 (12.2 square)?