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Michael A. Smith
28-Jul-2009, 16:16
Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee will conduct another Vision and Technique Workshop, from Friday evening, Oct. 2 through Sunday afternoon, October 4. Only three places left. Although we work with large view cameras and make only contact prints, this workshop (the Vision part especially) is relevant for photographers who work in any format. We have even had a few 35mm photographers take our workshop. Full information at http://www.michaelandpaula.com then click on "Workshops."

Based on past experience seeing the work of workshop attendees some time after the workshop we can virtually guarantee that after the workshop you will make better photographs--in your own terms.

Here are a couple of comments from recent workshop attendees:

"Just a note of thanks to you both for having me at your wonderful workshop. There are events that occur in one's life that you consider a milestone for growth for who you are or become. I can honestly say that your workshop is one of my milestone events. I understand the work - now I must apply and perfect it - both in the making of a photographic exposure and making a photographic print. You have renewed my love of contact printing that has been dormant from my youth. You have renewed my photographic vision. You have reaffirmed my love of photography."

"I truly enjoyed your workshop. The experience expanded my perspective and I have not felt this level of excitement since I started in photography. The best workshop of the dozen that I have attended."

John Bowen
28-Jul-2009, 18:44
I'm looking forward to meeting M&P and the other participants in this falls workshop.

After attending my first Fine Focus Workshop with Bruce Barlow, he pulled me aside and said "you really need to take a workshop with Michael Smith." Seems October is right around the corner.....

Bruce Barlow
29-Jul-2009, 05:02
In our mutual admiration society, John Bowen is the ideal student - smart, open, and incredibly hard-working. He's come a long way as a photographer - Michael and Paula will greatly enjoy having him as a student.

Later in October, John, maybe Richard Ritter (haven't asked him yet - how 'bout it, Richard?) and I are planning a trip to make negatives worthy of Lodima! For an idea of what such trips are like, go to Circleofthesunproductions.com and do a free download of the article "A Trip to Maine."

29-Jul-2009, 06:18
In my 60 years of photograpy, the participation in Michael and Paula's workshop was definitely a highlight. It was a wonderful experience.

Michael A. Smith
31-Jul-2009, 06:36
As of July 31 there is only one spot remaining in our Vision and Technique Workshop to be held Oct. 2 to Oct. 4.

Michael A. Smith