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26-Jul-2009, 18:15
New to LF with a new/old Busch Pressman D. Came with 2 lens a schneider/krueznach symmar 135/5.6 (sychro-compur) and a big wollensack-dumont cro 3" 1.9 oscillo-raptar (alphax duty-matic) which wont fit because of the mounting ring being too big.
If I use a smaller ring in might fit.
Anyway, what is the widest lens I can possible use.
My work is landscape photography.
Thx for any input.
Joey R. Smith

Glenn Thoreson
26-Jul-2009, 20:36
Get yourself a 90mm Supr Angulon. I don't like anything wider than that because it makes everything look too little and too far away. Perspective is a problem,too. Use that Oscillo Raptar for a door stop. You'll get better pictures with it that way. The Symmar is a good lens.

Steve Hamley
27-Jul-2009, 07:06
I doubt the Oscillo-Raptar will even cover 4x5; they were intended to photograph oscilloscope screens at 1:1 magnification.

The standard 3-lens set for 4x5 is 90mm, 1560mm, and 210mm. I find I like my FLs a tad wider, and use 80mm (or 110mm), 135mm, and 180mm. So you're set with the 135mm lens, I'd use it first until I got my technique down for exposing and developing, which should be 25-50 sheets or less since you have photo experience.

210mm lenses are really cheap right now. Just be sure you get good clean glass and a good shutter. Brands don't matter that much for a given age of lens.

Cheers, Steve

Ivan J. Eberle
27-Jul-2009, 12:01
You're limited by what will fit through the front standard; you may also prefer lenses that allow the camera to fold up with the lens installed rather than having to remove and reinstall it each time.

Lenses were generally much smaller in the 1940's, 50's and 60's, especially ones made for press cameras with limited moves. Fast modern 90mm lenses likely won't fit. 210mm f/5.6 plasmats probably won't allow the camera to close.

Dimensional specs are readily available online for current Rodenstock and Schneider lenses.

Measure twice and bid once!

Brian Schall
27-Jul-2009, 15:51
When I had my Pressman D, I had a little 90mm f6.8 Angulon clone (Optar I think). I could just balance it on the very back of the rail. The bed had to be tilted down to get it out of the frame, the front standard tilted back to vertical and the lens board raised back to level with the back. Very unstable to say the least. If I had to do over, I'd look for a 100mm WF Ektar at the least. The 135mm I had work like a charm on it. The old press cameras just weren't made for wide angles. The Super Angulons have problems getting the rear element through the front standard; the opening is kind of tight.

I ended up selling the Busch and buying a Tachihara. Now I can use a 65mm without any problems.