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26-Jul-2009, 04:58
After reading and reading and asking numerous questions for the last couple of months today is the day I head out to the Columbia Gorge in Oregon for my first adventure with my Tachihara 4 x 5 and a couple of large format photographers. Thanks to everyone for all the help and patient responses to what can be a daunting endeavor. I will post some photos as soon as I get them.

Time to quit talking and start walking.


26-Jul-2009, 09:30
Enjoy your Tachi Gary. Be patient and ƒ32. :D

26-Jul-2009, 16:45
Thanks to Mike and Robert Brummitt I had a fantastic time in the Columbia Gorge on the Washington side. I made numerous mistakes, including pulling the wrong dark slide, not locking down the focusing rails, forgetting to cock the shutter, and a few others, but it was all in good fun and part of the learning curve. They were more than patient and gladly shared their advice.

Drew Wiley
26-Jul-2009, 19:51
Don't feel embarassed. I've been shooting view cameras for thirty years and still
manage to double expose a sheet from time to time, or forget to close the shutter
first. Sometimes when I'm in the Columbia Gorge I am concentrating so much
on keeping the film and myself reasonably dry that I do something really stupid.
My in-laws live near the Gorge so I sometimes spend a day there. Beautiful place!