View Full Version : Ebony Bellows Problem - 45SU

Ed Richards
24-Jul-2009, 20:38
Just getting to know the great 45SU I got from Michael Mutmansky. I shot a couple of pictures with back rise, shooting into a canyon. When I processed the negatives, the top edge of the negative was blank for about 1/2 inch all the way across. Did a test and found that universal bellows on the 45SU has the pleated section at the top of the bellows more recessed than the sections on the side and bottom. This allows lens rise without masking the back of the lens, but when you do fall it does mask the bottom. Seems to be only with the 90mm - shorter lenses would extend far enough into the bellows to push the pleated section aside, and longer lenses would pull out the pleats to allow more clearance.

Any one have any experience with this problem? Is this a general problem with the universal bellows, or is mine peculiar? I suppose I could rotate the bellows 180 degrees when I want to use fall, but that is a pain. (But cheaper and easier than changing to a wide bellows.)

Gem Singer
25-Jul-2009, 04:57
The problem that you experienced is the reason they make wide angle bellows.

Expensive, and a pain to change out? Yes. But a wide angle bellows is still the most practical method of correcting the problem.