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Jeremy Moore
23-Jul-2009, 09:46
I have my first solo show up at the University of North Texas Union Gallery in Denton, TX, through the 29th of July and snuck over after work yesterday to snap some shots of the installation.


The show consists of 9 platinum/palladium prints. 6 are 4"x6" prints from a DSLR printed on vellum that was dry-mounted to watercolor paper and waxed. The other 3 prints are 16"x20" prints on Cot320 from 4x5 originals. Here are some wonderfully barrel-distorted shots of the LF images:




Keith S. Walklet
23-Jul-2009, 10:12
Congrats Jeremy! I have to admit that, given the quality of work I've seen you produce, I am surprised this is just now your first solo show. Awesome!

Jim Galli
23-Jul-2009, 11:10
Hearty congrats Jeremy. They look great! Think how meaningful the bridge shot will be in 50 years from now. Neat.

Bob McCarthy
23-Jul-2009, 11:24
I'll try to get to Denton this weekend. Congratulations.

BTW where is the dam/bridge between Denton and LV, New Mexico?

Don't recognize the surrounds?


William McEwen
23-Jul-2009, 11:49
Congratulations, Jeremy! I'll try to see the show next week. William

Matt Magruder
23-Jul-2009, 11:54
gorgeous looking images Jeremy.

Gem Singer
23-Jul-2009, 11:56
Looks like the Glenn Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, north of the Grand Canyon, in Arizona.

Bridge being constructed above the dam.

However, that was many years ago.

Congrats Jeremy. Understand that you moved closer to Ft.Worth.

Our LF group makes it up there quite frequently.

Give us a holler if you want to join us for a shoot, or for lunch at Joe T's.

Jeremy Moore
23-Jul-2009, 12:23
Oh, that's my mistake in typing the title. It's Denton, TX to Las Vegas, NEVADA.

That shot is from Hoover Dam.

Could a moderator change the title of this thread to:

"Road Trip: Denton, Tx to Las Vegas, NV" ?

If anyone is heading up to see the show I work full time on campus so let me know and we can grab lunch if I'm free or go over with you to answer any questions you might have.

Merg Ross
23-Jul-2009, 12:36
Congratulations, Jeremy! It looks like some excellent work and a good presentation.

Kirk Gittings
23-Jul-2009, 12:50
Love the work. Best of luck with the show.

Gem Singer
23-Jul-2009, 12:54
At least i identified the river correctly.

Bob McCarthy
23-Jul-2009, 12:57
I'll try to get to Denton this weekend. Congratulations.

BTW where is the dam/bridge between Denton and LV, New Mexico?

Don't recognize the surrounds?


I should have known, Been a lot of years since I was at the dam (lots) and I don't remember a bridge, just driving over the dam proper.

Sorry didn't want to come across like a smarta$$.


Donald Miller
23-Jul-2009, 13:07
Hi Jeremy,
Great work and good luck on your show.

Donald Miller

23-Jul-2009, 14:33
Congratulations. Great looking work. Wish I could see it in the flesh.


al olson
23-Jul-2009, 15:12
Beautiful prints, Jeremy!

Unfortunately Denton is a bit out of range for my summertime travel plans. The closest I will get will be Santa Fe this coming week.

Why don't you post a few more views?

Jeremy Moore
23-Jul-2009, 15:47
Since I've been asked, here are the rest of the images in the show.




Jeremy Moore
23-Jul-2009, 15:49



Jeremy Moore
28-Jul-2009, 12:31
The show will come down tomorrow afternoon. Just an FYI.

brian mcweeney
28-Jul-2009, 18:21
Very nice Jeremy! Wish I had read about this sooner ... I might have made it up to Denton to see it.