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Nathan Potter
21-Jul-2009, 13:52
I just visited an exhibition of Tillman Crane photographs in Rockland ME. Just about the complete works of his Pt/Pd "Odin Stone" series is on display plus some of the older "Structure" images are shown. Nicely displayed. It is interesting to see both series side by side because you get a sense of how his vision of things with structure also permeates the more recent "Odin Stone" works from The Orkney Islands in Scotland. The "Odin Stone" work is softer than I imagined from his book of the same. Many of the images are fragments of scenes and so work well when viewed as a whole.

If you happen to be in the area you really should drop by. Johnathan Frost Gallery, 21 Winter St. Rockland ME. July 15 to August 15. I think the work is usually on display in Camden at a gallery that represents him - maybe on Pearl Street. :)

Nate Potter, Harrington ME.

Matt Magruder
21-Jul-2009, 14:32
I'm envious Nathan.

I've always hoped to meet tillman and possibly see his work in the flesh.
"Structure" is likely at the top of the list as a favorite.

David Spivak-Focus Magazine
21-Jul-2009, 15:07
I met Tillman a few years ago at Photo San Francisco... 2005 I believe it was. His photography is something to behold and is QUITE gorgeous. I've spoken with Tillman a number of times, he's a gentleman and one of the more aggressive people out there when it comes to marketing his work and making his name known. I think the photography world needs more Tillman Cranes.

Doug Howk
21-Jul-2009, 15:19
Tillman is giving a Workshop this Fall at Daytona College in Florida (http://www.tillmancrane.com/workshops/platinumdaytona2009.html) I have his Odin Stone book (inspiring), and am looking forward to learning pt/pd from him.

Louie Powell
21-Jul-2009, 15:42
I think the work is usually on display in Camden at a gallery that represents him - maybe on Pearl Street. :)

He lives on Pearl Street.

D. Bryant
21-Jul-2009, 18:15
I've been fortunate to see a fair amount of Tillman Cranes work. He had a terrific exhibit in his home town of Decatur, Alabama a few years back shown at an old Carnegie Library. I drove 5 hours from Georgia just to see this show. You can see a few of those images here:


In that exhibit I was surprised to see an albumen print, a 5x12, though I can't recall the subject. It was the only one in the show but it was a very nice print and looked quite a bit different than his palladium work.

Prior to that he some of his prints for his book Structure at APIS one year along with a lot of other prints. Most of the work he showed at APIS was also very nice.

His work is worth seeing if you get a chance.

Don Bryant

21-Jul-2009, 18:57
Thanks; I work in downtown Rockland, so I'll stop in and check it out sometime.