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jim kitchen
17-Jul-2009, 18:22
Dear group,

Jan Boydol, a long time friend and art associate of mine, asked me in January to submit an image or two to an upcoming auction at the Spectrum Art Gallery, located in Fresno California. Jan, the kind hearted eccentric soul that she happens to be, continuously promotes the Spectrum Art Gallery, its concept, and my images. Jan politely pressed me to participate in their auction this fall, so I sent three 16X20 framed images to the Spectrum auction to assist the art gallery with its cause, to introduce my finished images to a new audience, and lastly to make Jan happy.

That said, the gallery is a not-for-profit cooperative, where any funds collected during the auction are used to sustain the gallery, and their event schedule. Their web page is here: http://spectrumphotogallery.org/index.html

My images are a closed image set, where the images were properly prepared and finally covered with Tru Vue Museum Glass, by my art conservationist located here in Calgary. The auction images are marked as the first of twenty in each series. So, if anyone happens to be in the Fresno area during October 2009 and, or would like to see a few of my framed images earlier, please do so at your convenience. The framed images do not have a reserve bid for several reasons. The gallery also asked me to promote the fact that they do accept phone call bids from interested individuals, if you are so inclined.

Lastly, and as a side note, Jon Cone was charged with printing my Master Files, since Jon Cone and I resumed our Master Printer discussion at the beginning of 2009, after I had a faltering experience with my favourite paper a few years ago. Jon convinced me to let him print my Master Files on Canson Rag Photographique 310 using his Neutral K7 Ink Set. Upon accepting Jon's suggestion, Jon produced a brilliant set of neutral images that are true to his ink set quality. I cannot thank Jon enough for his efforts and his persistence... :)

The three images are shown below.

Please excuse me for this shameless plug, but I needed to sign off, and put this adventure to rest...

jim k

Sin Speed, Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, 2007


January, Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada, 2009


Thimbleberry, Coal Harbour, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, 2007


17-Jul-2009, 19:05
January, Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada, 2009,
lovely! Hope you bring big $ to the auction!

Kirk Gittings
17-Jul-2009, 19:08
Really nice Jim.

Donald Miller
17-Jul-2009, 20:08
Very nice. I wish you success.

Donald Miller

Merg Ross
17-Jul-2009, 21:13
Jim, beautiful work! I will be exhibiting with you, and have for a number of years.

This gallery has been presenting excellent photographic exhibitions for many years, thanks to a dedicated staff of volunteers. The current exhibit of Rondal Partridge's work is an example. Your photographs are an immense contribution to the future of the Spectrum Gallery; the Auction is their major fundraiser.
Best wishes,

jim kitchen
18-Jul-2009, 08:25
Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for your comments... :)

I wish the gallery great success during the auction too, and I hope that everyone's images contribute greatly to the gallery's cause. I was surprised that the gallery required the donated images so early, but each fundraising event has a schedule they must follow, allowing the organization's event to flow smoothly. Hopefully, the images will acclimatize themselves quickly.

Again, I wish the gallery great success during the event...

jim k

Andrew ren
18-Jul-2009, 09:27
Jim, this is very nice!


Terry Hayden
20-Jul-2009, 16:56
JIm & Merg et al -

As a board member of Spectrum, and it's new curator, I wanted to publicly
thank Merg, Jim, and all the others that have contributed to our Auction event.

The work shown in his posting, as well as all the other contributed work, will
be on display from September 30th to October 25th. The auction itself will be
held at the gallery on Saturday October 25th.

As was pointed out, this is our biggest fundraiser for the year and is critical
for our survival in these times of economic hardship.

The reason for the early deadline on prints was to give us time to produce our
truly excellent catalog for the exhibition and auction.

As the time gets closer, this catalog will be available for viewing on our
website - http://spectrumphotogallery.org/index.html

I will be posting more information about the exhibit and event as we close
in on the dates.

Terry Hayden