View Full Version : LF Exhibition July 16-August 16, Stockholm Archipelago

Patrik Roseen
17-Jul-2009, 04:33

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new LF exhibition on the island of Arholma in the Stockholm archipelago, SWEDEN. It runs from July 16 to August 16.

Arholma Nord, Arholma

The show includes large canvas prints (0,8 x 1,0m), midsized paperprints and contact prints (4x5"). I am deliberately displaying a variety of techniques since not many people in Sweden know what LF is all about. Most people do not even know there is still film to be found for these cameras.

All prints are produced in my wet darkroom except for the canvas prints which are either scanned 4x5 negs or scanned contact prints. The paper is Forte Polywarmtone and I am exploring the fantastic variations of tones and colours this paper can produce. As you already know it is not produced anymore so I am stocking up whatever I can find in Sweden.

I will be posting pics from the venue soon.

Kind regards,

17-Jul-2009, 08:11
Post some pics Patrik and I wish I could visit!

Kind regards,

Patrik Roseen
18-Jul-2009, 11:45
Hi Darr,
Thanks for replying.

Yes, I hope to get the pictures up soon. I too wish you could see it.
I really feel far away sometimes.