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Greg Miller
10-Jul-2009, 11:11
This will be slightly off topic except for the fact that the printing was done by fellow LF Fourm member J. Gilbert Plantinga.

I have an exhibit opening Saturday July 11 at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art (http://www.newpaltz.edu/museum/exhibitions/current.html) in New Paltz, NY. Reception is from 5:00 to 8:00.

The exhibit consists of two 80 foot long continuous prints detailing both shores of the Hudson River from the Statue of Liberty to Albany (one print is the East shore, the other print is the West shore; 300 miles of totla shore line are involved). Each print also shows similar photographs from 100 years ago, making it possible to see how the river has changed, or not, over time. The exhibit is installed so that you enter a corridor (the prints are suspended from the ceiling) with the Statue of Liberty on your left and New York City on your right. You can enter the corridor and walk the "150 miles" of river as it snakes its way through the gallery and finally exit the corridor at Albany / Rensselaer. And you do not even need to worry about the tide!

This exhibit represents about 3 years of planning that culminated in 21 hours of photography that yielded 4,000 photos. 2,500 photos were then used to create the two 80 foot long prints. The manual stitching took over 200 hours to perform and I averaged about 2 miles per hour for the 300 total miles of shore line. The project, which was commissioned by the museum and the Open Space Institute, will hopefully be undertaken again in the year 2109 so that there will be 300 years of photographs on record. This project (a true test of physical, mental, and logistical perseverance) would not have been possible without the assistance of many, many people, including the 3 boat owners who generously allowed me to photograph from their boats.
Also on exhibit in a separate gallery of the Museum is a show of seldom seen, and some newly restored, 19th-century American Landscape paintings, with an emphasis on Hudson River School artists, with scenes from New York City to Niagara Falls. There is a very large Albert Bierstadt that I have my eye on.

Alex Wei
10-Jul-2009, 11:32
mm, Its on my way back from Hurley, I will drop by if I have the chance.


Greg Miller
10-Jul-2009, 11:42
mm, Its on my way back from Hurley, I will drop by if I have the chance.


Great! Be sure to introduce yourself if you make it.

Greg Miller
10-Jul-2009, 11:46
I should also mention that making prints of this size and nature was a pretty unique experience. Gilbert really pulled out all the stops to pull this off and deliver prints that were of the quality that the museum and I required. His enthusiasm for taking on this challenge was remarkable. Thanks Gilbert!

J. Gilbert Plantinga
10-Jul-2009, 14:20
Thanks Greg. I went up and saw the installation this afternoon, (curator) Brian Wallace did an awesome job. Hope to see you and anyone else from the area at the opening tomorrow night.

Also of note is the show of 45 historic Hudson River School paintings from the NY Historical Society (scans for the catalog by yours truly). And across the hall the show "Ecotones and Transition Zones," featuring large format work by Dana Duke, Tanya Marcuse, myself, and others.

10-Jul-2009, 17:04
AWESOME! i will try and make it. i am shooting wet plate collodion images at the hurley stone house day sat the 11th....if i am not too burned out i will come down.....if i do not make it then i will definitely see it another day. how long is it hanging?

what will you do with it after that?.....i got an 9 foot pano that i have trouble with....:)

Greg Miller
11-Jul-2009, 03:53
Hi Eddie - the exhibit will be up through March 2010 - so no hurry. If you end up coming some other day let me know in advance and I will try to meet you there.

The prints on display will go into the museum collection. We'll have a book version coming out later in the year. But I am hopeful that we'll find more venues to dsiplay the big prints at.

John Voss
11-Jul-2009, 12:16
I'll be there; in fact I'm leaving for New Paltz in about half an hour. I'm looking forward to it very much. BTW, if you sneak away with that Bierstadt, I promise not to rat you out if Susan and I can come over now and then and look at it! :D

falth j
17-Jul-2009, 09:54
Why are you posting advertising that has nothing to do with the topic and photography?

Robert Ley
18-Jul-2009, 10:29
I am going to be in Albany next weekend and will be traveling home on Sunday the 26th and am looking forward to a lovely detour down the Hudson to check out your new exhibit.

Furthermore, I find this post to be entirely and completely appropriate to this forum. falth j, I direct your attention to the Announcements heading: Announcements Non-repetitive announcements about LF related gallery openings, workshops, new books, trade shows, etc.
Events can also be added to the forum Calendar.

Looking forward to your exhibit,

Greg Miller
19-Jul-2009, 11:38
Thanks Robert. If you let me know in advance when you might be at the gallery I will try to meet your there.

I believe Faith J. was referring to a spam post that has since been deleted; now that the spam post is deleted I can see how new viewers to this thread might think she was referring to my original post.