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J D Clark
9-Jul-2009, 10:44
PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPLORATIONS presents a workshop that will enrich your artist’s spirit and revitalize your passion for making images on film. Join fine photographers John Clark and Donna Cosentino on a Large Format Photography Retreat to beautiful Palomar Mountain.

We’ll spend two nights in the historic Bailey House in an area of meadows and forests. Wake to quiet light where deer and wild turkeys wander below your bedroom window. Close by there are many special locations to work on scenics, intimate landscapes and still lifes. We also plan a private tour of the interior of the famously elegant 200 inch Hale Telescope -- a rare opportunity for large format photographers.

This workshop is for beginning as well as experienced large format photographers, color and black and white. We’ll cover technical as well as esthetic and philosophical issues in the tranquil setting of this picturesque location.

The Bailey House (http://www.baileyspalomarresort.com/) was established in 1888 on Palomar Mountain. We'll have the entire house to ourselves, and that includes access to the high meadows, the fish pond, the junkyard, and the historic Bailey Store (once the Palomar Post Office) full of old items with photographic possibilities. The forests should be very colorful during the workshop, and it's an especially beautiful time of year on the mountain.

Dates: October 16-18 2009
Price: $699 includes all accommodations, all meals, tour of the observatory and workshop fee.

Discount offered if signed up before July 15

For more info on the workshop, bios on Donna and John and to contact us email Donna at: photox@sbcglobal.net
John at: john@johndclark.com
or our web site: www.photographicexplorations.com (http://www.photographicexplorations.com)

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