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Raymond Bleesz
8-Jul-2009, 06:30
Last week, I returned from a Turkish photo tour, a guided tour of the Anatolian peninsula. We were in a group of five Americans, the guide, & personal driver in a large Mercedes van. We were doing 35mm, however, I bring this to your attention in case forum members would like to venture to Turkey & contemplate large format work. I did not take my lf due to the trip's schedule.

This Turkish guide is very well spoken, knows the culture, history, past & present, has contacts, has been doing photo guides for 15 years (mostly snappers), knows the historical sites, etc. He can customize a photo guide tour if you desire. Please contact me if you wish further info.

There is a forum member here, Turkish, who contributes to this forum. We attempted to get together in Istabul, however, it did not materialize.

My experience in Turkey--absolutely fantastic--a guide tour is the way to go.

Raymond, in the Vail Valley