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18-Jun-2009, 08:15

My work will be up at the CHAPEL ROW GALLERY in BATH (UK) from the 3rd til the 8th July. There's a private view on the evening of the 2nd and 3rd - if you'd like to get free wine and attend either then send me an email so I know :)

This is part of a group exhibition, there are 3 others exhibiting as well.

My work will all be medium format photographs, sorry not large format this time!


Attached image is the front/back of the flyer I mocked up this afternoon to send to print, which you can download and print for reference as it has the important details on it.

John Brady
18-Jun-2009, 09:26
Congratulations Ash! Good luck with the exhibit.


Pete Watkins
19-Jun-2009, 03:10
Best of luck Ash, hope that it all goes well.

24-Jun-2009, 00:00
Bump for anybody interested :)

Greg Lockrey
24-Jun-2009, 01:33
Very cool. :cool: I'm glad for you. Hope it opens some doors for you.

Kirk Gittings
24-Jun-2009, 08:12
Terrific! Congratulations.

29-Jun-2009, 23:51
Thanks Greg, Kirk.

Another bump as there's only a few days to go til it's happening :)

30-Jun-2009, 06:27
and good luck !


John Kasaian
1-Jul-2009, 01:42
Congratulations Ash!

1-Jul-2009, 02:04
Thanks :)

Vick Vickery
1-Jul-2009, 19:56
Way to go Ash...hope you have a hugely successful show!! :)

4-Jul-2009, 17:27
Here's my work on the left hand side. Other's work is on the right. I'll attach a link to the series once I update my website.

32x32inch matte inkjet prints cold mounted on board.

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y43/second-belated/pano-exhibicopy-1.jpg (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y43/second-belated/pano-exhibicopy.jpg)

Click for a larger sized panoramic.