View Full Version : Vancouver & Area LF Photographers

Andrew O'Neill
15-Jun-2009, 09:45
Was informed by friend about this:


David Swinnard
15-Jun-2009, 15:44
Thanks for noting this Andrew. I don't frequent that site so would have missed it. I'm going to try to show up.

Andrew O'Neill
15-Jun-2009, 18:08
I know. I don't frequent there either and would have missed it too if my friend John Fee hadn't given me the heads up. John and I are going to try and make it. Hope to see you there!

Andrew O'Neill
16-Jun-2009, 07:38
I guess there aren't too many LFers around Vancouver, eh? Steve? Deniz? John? Lorne? H Henry?

David Swinnard
21-Jun-2009, 12:16
Despite my best intentions, family matters won the day.

Anybody go? Is there a chance this might happen again?


Andrew O'Neill
21-Jun-2009, 14:34
Have visitor from Japan and from Victoria so had to be the good host. It's funny that the guy who proposed the meeting hasn't mentioned how it went...Maybe it didn't happen.