View Full Version : Misrach's "On the Beach" in Atlanta

Don Hutton
5-Jun-2009, 11:13
Misrach's "On the Beach" exhibit made it to Atlanta's High Museum for the summer - if you're in the area, I'd highly recommend a visit. It's a very impressive exhibit - 20 pieces - all from 8x10, digitally printed some as big as 6x10 feet....

5-Jun-2009, 11:20
He's one photographer I have a lot of respect for. It's a great shame I'm rathther too far away :D


5-Jun-2009, 13:41
I saw the exhibit at the national gallery of art and thought it was good, although not up some of his other work. BUT, I have to give props to any LF photographer that can shoot his successful project from his balcony in Hawaii. :)

QT Luong
5-Jun-2009, 14:39
Before that, he's shot one entire book from his own porch (Golden Gate).