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Robert Brummitt
27-May-2009, 16:29
So, what is your Passion?

August 8, 2009* 9am -5pm* Visual Arts Center, Newport Oregon * $50
Robert Brummitt and Lorraine Richey

• You have an interest in photography
• You use either a digital or film camera
• You have the confidence to use it
• You use either Alternative, B&W, Color or Digital printing

The acknowledgement of passion in one's work is vital to the execution and creation of the work. Passion flows from the moment we are aware of an image that presents itself to us to the time we present the results to those around us - and beyond.
We have this passion deep within us, it drives us to buy (much needed) unique equipment, do (supposedly) strange things, anything to get that image out in the "light of day" so we can start the whole process again.

This workshop is built around you. You have an interest in photography. You have a camera, either digital or film. You know how to use that camera with some confidence. You are either into alternative process, B&W or Color prints. You like to share your work with others or with no one in particular. You like to use the camera to photograph the things that are interesting or important to you.
This workshop is about finding your passion! You will be sharing with others what you are interested in photographing. You’ll be asked to share images, discuss your strong points and take suggestions of where to further your passion. You’ll be asked to offer in return ideas to the others in the workshop and their photography.

Robert has been photographing for over 30 years. He is well versed in most film formats and some digital. Mainly a color photographer, Robert has also worked in black and white and, now, digital printing methods. Robert is the past president of the Portland Photographers Forum and increased its membership and photographic activities within the community.

“Passion has always been with me - before I knew what I wanted to do with the beautiful/horrid images that paraded themselves before me as a young child. Photography, printing, passion - they kept me going for ~40 years and I'm not stopping now!”
Lorraine Richey

Call Robert at 503-614-0161 or email him at robert8x10@hotmail.com to register.
Pay by paypal at the above address

Hope to see you at the coast!