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14-May-2009, 14:10
from this http://marketingphotos.wordpress.com/

also noted on lensWork homepage... found this looking for latest folios from LW..

Richard K.
14-May-2009, 16:27
Very sorry to hear this sad news. I sat in on his History of Photography course at A.S.U. back in '86 while I was on a sabbatical from teaching in Toronto. I enjoyed the course and the wonderful, quirky man very much. I will also miss his insightful ruminations in Lens Work. Rest in Peace, Bill.

John Brady
14-May-2009, 16:55
I loved his writing, he will be missed.

Brian Ellis
14-May-2009, 17:53
Very sorry to hear this, he'll surely be missed. I never met him but I thought he was one of the best things about LensWork.

gene LaFord
14-May-2009, 17:59
His lectures in his photo history courses at Arizona State University are some of my fondest memories of grad school. Bill's wit and wisdom will surely be missed.


David Spivak-Focus Magazine
14-May-2009, 21:15
Oh...this is terrible. I very much enjoyed reading his EndNotes. He will be missed.

Doug Dolde
14-May-2009, 22:26
Some fascination material on his website:


Mark Sawyer
14-May-2009, 22:51
We've lost an intelligent man with a quick wit and an insightful mind. And a friend...


15-May-2009, 04:41
One of the last giants of photohistory has fallen.

He was insightful and frank in a way lacking today.

Go in peace.


15-May-2009, 12:04
We have lost a true photographic scholar... one with insight, intelligence and wit. I am a proud student of Bill Jay. He brought so much to photography and photo history.

Raymond Bleesz
15-May-2009, 12:33
Bill, to me, was a light in the dark forest of photo writing--his articles & his photo philosopy was to the quick & cut, imo, a major loss. I looked forward to his notes in Lenswork.

In late 1984, I interviewed him at his office at ASU, took a couple of quick pics of him working at his desk. He was gracious, cordial, & grizzly looking. Mark Klett was around as well. At that time, I sought him out as I want interested in going back to school, & the photo dept at ASU was where I wanted to be, because of him. With 60 hrs of graduate work behind me and numerous years of teaching the Social Sciences with photo as an elective to high school students, I started the process of enrollment at ASU, late '85/'86. It was not to be.

I sorely missed the opportunity to study with such a mentor, and I never had the chance to visit him at his cabin in the Payson area, his after school recreation, although the invitiation was always open. I will miss his conrespondence & viewpoints greatly.

Raymond A. Bleesz
In the Vail Valley, Colorado

Merg Ross
15-May-2009, 20:21
Bill Jay was a good voice for photography. He first came to my attention with the publication of Album magazine in 1970. Although not long in production, it was provocative and set a high standard.

His writings made me think, and he made me laugh. Bill will be missed.

Carole Gumprint
17-May-2009, 19:59
What a fantastic life he had. He was the grandest part of my 4 years in the photography department at Arizona State University in the late 70's. Fabulous lecture, photographs, and endless wit. I treasure Bill Jay's portrait of Tony Ray Jones with his finger up his nose that I bought at a student fund raiser print sale for one dollar.

Harley Goldman
18-May-2009, 15:34
I very much enjoyed his musings in Lenswork. He will be missed.

20-May-2009, 22:59
a great loss, I will miss his "EndNotes" in Lenswork...
his works shall prevail.....