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7-May-2009, 10:48
Only 21 Days Remain Before the Start of the F295 Symposium!
Register Today!

On May 28 in Pittsburgh PA the most exciting photographic event of 2009 will begin. Are you ready?

Register Today >> (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=205)

We'll have exciting lectures by these fantastic artists:
Michelle Bates (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=3#mb)
Dan Estabrook (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=3#de)
James Hajicek (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=3#cps)
Robb Kendrick (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=3#rk)
Jarosław Klupś (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=3#jk)
Martha Madigan (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=3#mm)
Elizabeth Opalenik (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=3#eo)
Mark Osterman (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=3#mo)
Carol Panaro-Smith (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=3#cps)

And many workshops, many of which you won't find anywhere else this year! The thrill of the F295 workshop experience is unparallelled - processes spanning the history of the art all being practiced, simultaneously, under the roof of Pittsburgh Filmmakers - AMAZING!

Here's what we're offering (some have already sold out, others are filling fast!)
The Fujitive Shadow (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=84)
Lens-Building and Optical Effects (2 days) (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=96)
Working in the Cultural Landscape (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=177)
Printing with Gum Bichromate (2 days) (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=66)
Three Day Daguerreotype Workshop (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=60)Full
Tintype: Dry Plate and Modern Full (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=62)
Toying with Plastic Cameras Workshops (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=70)
Photography Walk-About (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=88)

Several Other Announcements!

New Thursday + workshop Option!
We are now offering a registration option for only the Thursday night opening reception. This includes being able to attend the work/portfolio sharing event, lecture by Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek, visiting with Freestyle Photographic and George Eastman House, access to show specials from Freestyle and B&H Photo AND the ability to register for the weekend workshops. Click here to register >> (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=205)

Welcome to the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film!
We're happy to announce that our friends from the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film will be joining us at this years symposium!

They'll have a table and representative at the opening reception to talk about all of the wonderful work they're doing, their collection of over 400,000 images (dating to the dawn of photography), their collection of cameras, processing equipment, motion picture devices, and a broad range of early historical accessories.

We're pleased to have them with us!

Reserve your hotel NOW!
The Wyndham Hotel - University Place is this years official symposium hotel. They held and reserved our block of rooms until early last week but will continue to offer the special symposium rate as long as rooms remain. If you need a room and haven't reserved call today! More information here >> (http://www.f295.org/symposium2009/?page_id=110)

The next symposium is NOT in 2010 but in 2011. After this years event wraps up we'll immediately begin work on the book, F295: 21st Century Photography. Come, be a part of it!