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7-May-2009, 01:20

The M-Line two: an all-round view camera!

You own a 35mm DSLR camera and want to take more elaborate images using shift for perspective control and Scheimpflug* for image sharpness with your medium format digital film back? Or perhaps your dream is to shoot the sharpest landscape images on 4x5”? Well, all this is possible with the new ARCA-SWISS M-Line Two!

ARCA-SWISS has developed two new view cameras in response to customer demand: the M-Line two Single Lens Reflex (SLR) and the M-Line two Medium Format (MF). These are all-round cameras that allow you to work from 35 mm to 4x5”.

ARCA-SWISS has a vast selection of accessories that can transform the M-Line Two into a 6x9 medium format or even a 4x5” camera.

The use of tilt and shift, in particular with a 35mm DSLR camera today, allows you to push your creative boundaries, encouraging you to discover a world that was hitherto only accessible to professionals working in specific fields.

* The sharpness of the image is dependent on 3 planes – subject, lens and film - when the 3 are perfectly aligned or when all 3 intersect.

A different philosophy

The M-Line two has been reduced to the bare essentials but can be easily customized. This offers a number of advantages: more efficient design and a lightweight camera weighing barely over 2kg (4,4 lbs) that is simple to use thanks to individual movements.

On the Monolith system, tilt/swing and shift are incorporated onto a single standard. On the M-Line two, they have been separated: shift on the rear standard and tilt/swing on the front. This offers the advantage of being able to maintain the same angle of view because the shift is positioned at the rear.

Shift is often used today in digital photography to increase the angle of view and enhance definition. By removing tilt/swing from the rear standard, the probability of error is removed and a parallel film plane – essential for digital photography – is guaranteed.

The use of an extension rail and bellows allows a variable scale of reproduction making it possible to photograph a postage stamp or a wide landscape using the same configuration. The camera is equipped with ARCA-SWISS’ patented Orbix tilt system, the only device that allows you to maintain full control over the plane of focus.

When used with a DSLR camera or a digital back, this new precision system enables you to take images of buildings, landscapes or objects with the fullest of control. It’s ideal for landscapes to macros. The M-Line two is part of one of the largest photographic systems currently available and is compatible with all DSLR cameras.

All traditional medium format film backs are compatible with the M-Line two. The usable focal length extends from 28mm for the M-Line two SLR and 23mm for the M-Line two MF, to infinity. The type of film used, and in particular the colour negatives used in the medium format camera, offer a high quality result, so give it a try!!

ARCA-SWISS cameras continue to evolve in line with photography and technology, yet continue to embrace the past. Today, even with digital photography, certain situations can only be matched with the versatility of a large format camera. ARCA-SWISS cameras are built to the highest standards of precision, offering rapid and precise control of image sharpness and perspective, so that you can produce the most detailed and colour-rich images.

Technical specifications: M-Line two SLR and M-Line two MF

Dimensions: Length 250 mm, Depth 140 mm, Height 300 mm
Weight: Barely over 2 kg (4,4 lbs)
Vertical shift 70 mm
Horizontal shift 70 mm
Swing 30°
Tilt 90°
Maximum extension: 190 mm (depending on the configuration)
Adaptors available for the M-Line two DSLR: Canon, Nikon, Sony
Adaptors available for the M-Line two MF: Contax 645, Hasselblad V/H, Mamiya 645 AFD, AFI / HY6

Accessories: binocular viewfinder, lens hood, extension rail, Compendium

Price: from € 2990 excl VAT

Contact: ARCA-SWISS International
29, Quartier de l'europe,
Espace Valentin,
FR-25048 Besançon
PH: ++33 381 85 40 60
Fax: ++33 381 85 40 69
E-mail: arca-swiss@wanadoo.fr

eric black
7-May-2009, 03:32
How about some pictures?

Walter Calahan
7-May-2009, 05:36
Agreed, let's see some images!

Bruce Watson
7-May-2009, 06:00
As I recall, this is the Large Format Photography Forum. I'm not sure why the OP thinks very many people on LF forum will care about their adapters for small formats. To me, putting a DSLR into a technical camera is sorta like putting lipstick on a pig.

eric t
7-May-2009, 23:01
Agreed, let's see some images!


Sascha Welter
11-Nov-2009, 08:12
Lots of pictures and a review on this blog post:

6-Dec-2009, 09:12
What size lens board does the front standard take, 110x110 or 141x141?

6-Dec-2009, 09:46
What size lens board does the front standard take, 110x110 or 141x141?
Your best chance of getting an accurate answer to a question like this will be to email Arca-Swiss in France: arca-swiss@wanadoo.fr