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Gary Nylander
15-Apr-2009, 21:24
The above title of this post is the name of the show that I am pleased to be taking part of with two other B.C. photographers, Dave Hutchison and Isabelle Groc at Sooke Harbour House, 1528 Whiffen Spit Road, Sooke, B.C. during the month of May. Opening reception for the exhibit is Sunday May 3rd from 1 to 4 p.m. My work is of course all black and white while the fine work of Dave's and Isabelle's work is in color and of course everything is of a nature theme. If you happen to be travelling to the Island , please do take the time to check out the beautiful west coast including Sooke, Jordan Rive and Port Renfrew and stop in at Sooke Harbour House, the place is absolutely spectacular.

15-Apr-2009, 21:32
Good luck. I really like your tree work on your site. It's always good to see others who are obsessed as I am about trees.

Gary Nylander
15-Apr-2009, 21:47
Thanks, Vinny, I love trees ! fortunately for me I have some wonderful trees to inspire me in B.C. here. Like People I think trees have such expressive character.

Also, Vinny, nice work on your website.

jim kitchen
16-Apr-2009, 04:30
Dear Gary,

Good luck with the show... :)

Your images look excellent.

jim k

Gary Nylander
16-Apr-2009, 21:21
Thanks for your comments, Jim, I can always use some luck !


Colin Graham
17-Apr-2009, 06:30
That's great Gary. I've long admired your work, hope I can make it over to see it in person.

Gary Nylander
17-Apr-2009, 09:55
Thanks, Colin, I will look forward to meeting you if you get over to the island :)