View Full Version : Epson 1680 Selective Focus

18-Aug-2001, 04:52
This is a question for those of you who use the Epson 1680 Pro on a regular basi s. There was some discussion a while ago regarding scanners, DMax, mounting flui ds, etc. and someone mentioned the 1680's ability for selective focus depth. I know how this works, and the why/how of it - but as far as I can see this seem s to be an automatic setting adjustment that the software makes based on whether "reflective" or "transparency" is chosen as the scan method. I cannot find a us er setting that would allow for a transparency to be scanned directly from the g lass surface (i.e. not in a film holder) where it would be "mounted" via the flu id. I am interested in doing this because I would like to scan 8x10 transparencies a nd do not have a holder that large. Experienced 1680pro/SilverFast AI5 users?............

Larry Huppert
5-Oct-2001, 10:42

In Silverfast (v5.5 on my system) the focus depth can be set independent from reflective vs. transparency. Look at the icons along the left side of the preview window. The icon to set focus is the 6th tool down from the top (between the scan pilot icon and the IT8 calibrate icon). When you click this icon, the number inside the icon flips between "0" and ""2.5". When using the holders, set it at 2.5, and if scanning on the bed, use 0. This tool doesn't have a tool tip mini help description at the bottom of the window like the other tools have. Good luck.