View Full Version : Polaroid Pronto questions?

15-Jan-2009, 18:40
I just received two Polaroid Prontor shutters with 75mm and 105mm Rodenstock-Ysaron lenses. I see from an older thread here that the 75mm can be used as a 4x5 macro, but what is the coverage of the 105mm? I want to use these on my pre-ani 4x5 Speed Graphic.

I also need a tip what cable release to use as these seem to need extra long probes to trigger. I know they both work because a paperclip works but none of my current releases work.


Glenn Thoreson
15-Jan-2009, 19:04
I think B&H carries long throw cable releases. The lenses are made for copy work, flat objects like paper. Both your lenses will adequately cover 4X5 but only at close distance. The 105mm can be used at a bit longer distance but I don't recall it covering at infinity. You can get some good magnification with the 75mm and your limited bellows draw. Don't forget exposure compensation. :D
Don't overlook the fact that those are also very good enlaging lenses.

15-Jan-2009, 19:09
Thanks Glenn, this helps a lot.

Does you have any recommendations on older glass that is inexpensive and will work well with these shutters?

Brian Stein
15-Jan-2009, 20:09
The long throw releases from B&H do indeed work. My tominon 105 (again from polaroid) covers 4x5 at infinity but without any movements.

15-Jan-2009, 20:43
i also have a tominon, but a 127. never had a problem covering 4x5,
even though a lot of people have told me it doesn't cover that format.
(it came with the camera when i bought it, and i use it often, great lens!)

i have read g clarons will screw right into the shutter.

have fun ..


Brian Stein
15-Jan-2009, 22:06
the 150mm g-claron does indeed screw into the shutter, and apart from the relative dimness (f9) has great coverage and is very sharp. Of the older ektars etc Im not sure of the fit into the shutter; most of them cover 6x9 rather than 4x5. Certainly the older Nik ,Fu, Sch, Rod 100/105 lenses in size 0 shutters would fit if you did not have them in a working shutter.

16-Jan-2009, 12:44
Thanks everyone, I'll keep a lookout for these.