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15-Jan-2009, 03:54
Hi There,

I was hoping some of you LF fans could help me. I have a mint condition LF that I inherited. I am hoping to find some info on it because it will eventually be sold to someone who is going to put it to better use than myself (medium format is fine for me). However I have searcher everywhere on the net and cant find any info on the specific model.

It is an Arca Swiss and says Pro II on it. However I have found a Pro 1 and a pro 3 online, but no info on a Pro 2. It also has a Schneider-Kreuznach 240mm 5.6 lense. It has everything with it, has been always stored in a hard case and is in mint condition.

Can anyone help me on some info about this camera? It would be greatly appreciated! I can upload some pick of it if it would help.

Thanks again

PS: Would I be right in assuming it is a Model 2? ie: Pro1 = Model A, 2 = B and pro 3 = C????

Also how would I best go about getting the whole kit valued? Thanks!

Frank Petronio
15-Jan-2009, 06:51
Some of the older Arcas have only axis tilts, i.e. along the center of the lens; others tilt only from the base, near the rail. And the are ones that offer both axis and base tilts.

The problem is that some people count or alphabetize them differently so there is some confusion. The Arca-Swiss company could give a flying f@#k about it, they don't even maintain a website. But I wrote this: http://precisioncameraworks.com/Pages/arca_core.html which describes them as A,B, C models based on older literature. But I've seen Cs listed as As and Bs as Cs and so on, so it is really buyer beware -- you have to examine the photos to be sure.

And a more thorough and expert history of Arca-Swiss in available from View Camera magazine in an article by Kerry Thalman from earlier this decade (no idea when.) And he's not as passive-aggressive as I am either.

Is it a 4x5 or larger format? I may be interested.

15-Jan-2009, 07:29
The original models A, B and C were named thus:

The one with Axis tilt is the model A (I have this one in 4x5), Base tilt was the B, Axis/Base tilt was originally the A/B but referred to as the C in some documentation. Mint condition is a good thing but as 171 x 171 cm lensboards for this model are a bit hard to come by it isn't so much in high demand.

The Arca Swiss is one of the better-made cameras and you could fetch anything from €1000 to €1500 (maybe more) depending on the accessories.

Good luck with the auctioning! :cool:

P.S. The value of anything is what the buyer is willing to pay and the seller is willing to accept - post photos and we'll do our best to help with (very approximate) valuation.

15-Jan-2009, 11:40
MXV in the UK have a Pro 3, among others- (inc. a 5x7)
for really very little money-

I called them about it before Christmas, when I was looking for a longer rail-
but I didn't go for it in the end-

Maybe give them a call-


15-Jan-2009, 16:35
Thanks so much for your help guys.

Here are some photos to help with identification.

I called the specialist camera place in Melbourne today and they seem to think (without viewing it) that it should be about $1000+ including the lense. That is what they say they have sold some old Arcas for anyway.

Hopefully the pics help.

Thanks again:)

15-Jan-2009, 16:43
some more photos....

15-Jan-2009, 16:50
and again....

Frank Petronio
15-Jan-2009, 17:24
Wow that does look like a clean one. Axis tilt only. Those older 240 Schneiders go for around $250 USD if the shutters are OK. I've seen nicer older Arcas go for up to $550 USD but after that you can almost buy a used F-Line Discovery. The Case and Reflex viewer are of value too, so maybe $800 USD or so?

John Schneider
15-Jan-2009, 22:22
...maybe $800 USD or so?

which would be about $1200 AUD