View Full Version : Which thin dark cloth for bellow building??

14-Jan-2009, 09:57
Hi, I searched several sources, it's very difficult to get an idea about which light tight dark cloth to use for bellow building. Some sources state Porter's thinner dark cloth, but Porter doesn't propose it anymore for sale. I would *love* to know which fabric (and wherefrom) professionnal bellow builders use for their different bellow layers.
Biggest problem is light tightness and very small thickness....

thank's for your info


14-Jan-2009, 10:23
I got some from Freestyle a few months ago and made a bellows for an 8x10 project.
I think I'll hide it from view and try again for less ugly, but it did work for thin-ness.
I used manila folder material for the stiffeners and some kinda cloth from the fabric store for the outside. Freestyle calls it dark cloth IIRC