View Full Version : other 4x10camera than fotoman?

13-Jan-2009, 10:23
hi there,

i was wondering if there is a company besides fotoman that does 4x10 ("handheld") cameras? any suggestions?


Gem Singer
13-Jan-2009, 11:24
I know that K.B.Canham makes a camera that uses the 4X10 format. I owned one a few years ago.

A Deardorf, and a few other 8X10 cameras, can be modified to shoot two 4X10's on a single sheet of 8X10 film, using wooden sliders to cover half of the ground glass at a time.

However, they cannot be considered handheld cameras.

I am not aware that Fotoman makes a handheld 4X10 camera. If so, it's probably the only handheld 4X10 camera. 4X10 film and film holders are not easily available.

Oren Grad
13-Jan-2009, 11:56
I am not aware that Fotoman makes a handheld 4X10 camera.



film holders are not easily available.



George Hart
13-Jan-2009, 11:57
M, please be more specific in your requirements. Are you wanting any 4x10 camera, or must it be hand-holdable? Maybe the brackets indicate that you are not sure how you want to use the camera, so please tell us.

Ebony makes a 4x10 camera which needs a tripod. It looks simply superb. If you are into that format, maybe you would like to have a go with itů!

Gem Singer
13-Jan-2009, 12:48
Thanks for enlightening me Oren.

Fotoman 4X10 camera, film holders, and accessories are available at Badgergraphic. Looks interesting.

I remember that Bergger BPF 200 film was available on special order when I had
my 4X10 Canham, and Canham made 4X10 film holders to fit his cameras.

Aside from cutting 8X10 film in half, where can I find 4X10 film today?

Oren Grad
13-Jan-2009, 13:01
4x10 is one of the sizes included in the annual Ilford special cut. It's conceivable that some of the participating dealers ordered a bit extra for stock - you'd have to ask around.

Gem Singer
13-Jan-2009, 13:02
On further investigation, i found that Badgergraphic lists Ilford 4X10 film.

Looks like they handle FP-4+ and HP-5+ film in the 4X10 format.

I'm not certain whether Jeff stocks it, or only has it available on special order.

Now I'm sorry that i sold the 4X10 Canham.

13-Jan-2009, 13:27
There is a 4x10 camera plus 5x7 back right here. Right now. Forum For Sale.

13-Jan-2009, 14:27
i'm looking for a 4x10 that is easy to handle, light, "quick" to focus and doesn't force me to use a tripod for every shot. and i only want 4x10 not modified 8x10 since the camera would become to big,bulky&heavy
Deardorff , Canham, Ebony don't seem to offer these features.
so far i've only found fotoman that looks appealing to me....
just love the format...4x10...therefore don't wanna settle for anything similar like 6x17 or 6x24 or 4x5.


13-Jan-2009, 14:32
So I guess a Speed Graphic with a rangefinder, Grafmatic holder and masked wire frame finder is out of the question? 2x5 enlarged to 4x10 doesn't work?

BTW, the camera for sale here is a dedicated 4x10. Not an 8x10 with a 4x10 back. You could scale/guess focus with a wide lens. Keep it stopped down and you should have plenty DOF.

13-Jan-2009, 15:32
wayne, i just joined this forum so i don't have access to the sales thread yet. in 30days only...any other link to check out your Speed Graphic? it's not what i'm looking for but nevertheless i'm curious now..

13-Jan-2009, 15:40
Oh, sorry. I just saw your low number of posts.

Speed Graphics were designed as press cameras and meant to be used handheld. They have built in rangefinder focusing. They usually have fairly wide angle lenses, like 127mm or 135mm. The Grafmatic holder contains 6 sheets of 4x5 film and each sheet can be advanced very quickly. If you like the 4x10 aspect ratio, I think, with practice, you could frame for a 2x5 image on 4x5 film. Speed Graphics have a wire frame finder to help you frame just the middle half of the film. Oh, and they are cheap.

Here is a link to everything there is to know about Graflex cameras:


Good luck!

John Kasaian
13-Jan-2009, 16:22
You could build your own. For handheld work a simple box is all you need. Helical focus mount is an option if you don't want fixed focus.

Kirk Fry
13-Jan-2009, 23:29
Consider also that you will have to develop all you own film. Very few or No commercial labs process 4 X 10 and if they do they charge 8 X 10 prices. K

14-Jan-2009, 09:17
you guys started me thinking...
i've asked my lab and they dont sell 4x10 and arent sure if they can develop it. probably yes.and will charge something between 4x5 and 8x10...so it seems like it's getting expensive.
wayne, you say framing 2x5 with the speed graphic is doable? maybe that's a possible solution.
i checked the graflex homepage..
what includes the kit that you offer? and what is the price?
if 2x5 is doable it seems a graphic could be a good camera to start with LF..and a lot less exoensive..something to think about...

14-Jan-2009, 11:50

4x10 is an aspect ratio. You can crop a 4x10 aspect ratio from any smaller negative. I crop 6x7 negatives to 7x17. I'm just making this stuff and throwing out ideas.

A 2" wide strip of a 4x5 negative will enlarge to the 4x10 aspect ratio. I suggested that you think about doing this with a Speed or Crown Graphic because the cameras can be used hand held. They are cheap. They can also be used for more serious work. You could even use the entire 4x5 negative anytime you wish. These cameras come with a wire frame finder. It shouldn't be too hard to make a 2x5 mask to put on the frame or use some gaffer tape to make a 2" wide slit to compose the 4x10 aspect ratio in the finder.

I see that Badger Graphics lists 25 sheets of 4x10 for $49. They also list 100 sheets of 4x5 for $90. You do the math. On an equal area basis, the 4x10 is only slightly more expensive than 4x5. Working out the price per exposure, 4x10 is more than twice as much.

Herb Cunningham
15-Jan-2009, 07:04
I had a Fotoman 6x17 -it was NOT handholdable. Way too heavy.
If you want that format, try a speed or crown graphic with a 6x12 roll film back. 4x10 is 0.4 ratio, this would be 0.5, not too far off, and it would be a cheap way to see how you like the format and is definitely handholdable. Crown graphics run about $300, and the 6x12 holder from horseman about $500 used. They are available new, but ebay has em pretty often. I think handholding 4x10 will disappoint-when you are trying to match up the composition etc, it is really difficult - I don't even do that much hand holding my Crown.