View Full Version : Cleaning bellows

Robert Brummitt
12-Jan-2009, 10:42
I had noticed my new Crown Graphic maybe a little dusty inside after seeing more dust in my snow scene then grains of sand in a sand dune.
I usually clean with a damp towel and little air. Then I thought I used one of those "Swiffer 360 dusting wanes" I had scene on tv. Looks like it could reach far into the folders of the bellows better then my hand.
What do you think and what do you use?
I asked the same thing on Apug and someone suggested using a carpenters/painters dust pick up tape as well.
:) :) :)

12-Jan-2009, 11:14
I personally don't know what would be the best way but I wonder how well something in the shape of a rod that had a electrical field induced could help attract the dust off the bellows with out even touching it.

I think you should be ok with that duster as long as you are very careful.

Glenn Thoreson
13-Jan-2009, 12:25
I take off the lens board and the focus panel, then take it out to the shop and take the air hose to it. You need to be a certified air hose operator to do this. Or a nut. It works better than anything else, though. :D