View Full Version : Polaroid reflex back for Crown Graphic?

11-Jan-2009, 10:14
There seem to be lots of Mirror Reflex backs from the old 4x5 Polaroid copy cameras which are listed on ebay. I think that I might like one.
Attaching them is a little confusing. Do they clip directly onto the back of a Crown Graphic, just replacing the folding metal GG hood?
It looks like they are upside down for tripod use, ie the nose cutout is above the forehead cutout -- is it reversable?
And is there a way to use it in vertical (portrait) orientation?

Drew Bedo
11-Jan-2009, 13:54
It can be done and they work pretty well. The adaptation is easy to accomplish. It may not be a simple swapping of parts...and they are HEAVY, and akward to pack up with other gear. I would encourage you to try it out. Its inexpensive and pretty easy to do.

Drew Bedo
11-Jan-2009, 14:00

The eye-shade part is heavy plastic and can be reversed by just snapping it out and turnuing it around.

The reflex assembly is built to fit the copy camera the same way that the GG hood clips to the gralcok back of your Crown. There may be slight differences in the clips that do the mounting and the ears or posts on the reflex housing may be longer than the posts on the GG hood...work with it. I've done it twice. Be sure to post pix of the conversion here!

11-Jan-2009, 14:18
How about rotating the visor 90 degrees for vertical use?

Drew Bedo
11-Jan-2009, 16:47
The visor will only do 180s..so its .either nose-up or nose-down, sorry..but its inexpensive,right?