View Full Version : F & S #8 RB Cycle Graflex bellows

loren latker
8-Jan-2009, 22:04
I just acquired a #8 RB Cycle Graflex as part of a #8 Cirkut Camera Outfit. I'm trying to refurbish it and get it in working order.

The biggest problem is the bellows - pin holes, brittle leather and a 3" long tear in the first fold back from the lens board.

I've got the camera 99% apart for a good cleaning, metal polishing and wood restoration, but so far the bellows stump me. I don't see how they are attached in the front, other than glue, and it appears the liner was glued and nailed to the back, and perhaps the leather glued to the back under the wood strips the liner is glued and nailed to.

Anyone ever worked on one of these? Any idea how the bellows are attached, and how to remove them? Thanks.

Glenn Thoreson
9-Jan-2009, 18:41
First, I have to say I envy you. A wwonderful outfit to own. The rear of the bellows should be attached with glue (probably long gone) and tiny tacks. Often tacked through a very narrow paper reinforcement strip. I mean those tacks can be so little you almost can't see them. It may be tacked to a wood frame made with very small pieces, say, 5/16" square. If that's the case, the frame would be held in with small screws. It would be nice if that's the case. Much easier to work on. The front of the bellows should be wrapped around a thin piece of wood, held to the standard with small screws. These can be hard to see. Collapse the bellows about 2/3 and look in from the back. You will have to push the front most pleats aside to see any screws. I'm going by standard construction methods of the day, and actual methods used on your camera may vary a bit. I should be close, though.