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7-Jan-2009, 14:25
While writing a few articles on the whole plate renaissance for Viewcamera magazine, I thought I might share the humorous side of forging on the path of the resurgence of the whole plate format. I had a number of comments which a number of photographers and non-photographers made.


P: "What's that?"

A: "- a whole plate."

P: "It looks like more a camera than a dinner plate to me."

These comments came from a young girl who stopped by:

P: "That's such an amazing camera! My father used to have one!"

A: "Why thank you - it's a whole plate camera.."

P: "Really? It's so beautiful! Can I take a photograph of it on my camera?

A: "Why sure .. go ahead.."

P: "That's so great! Can I have your phone number?"

This comment came from a young boy near a pond where I live:

P: "Cor blimey! Can you see fish underwater with that?"


And this one from a fisherman:

P: "Would you please get out of the pond. You're disturbing my fishing"

A: "You've not caught anything since I arrived here at sunrise: will it make a difference now?"

P: (expletive)

Another comment from two boys:

P: "What are you doing?"

A: "Taking a photograph"

P: "What of?"

A: "A tree."

P: (giggles and smiles as they look at one another) "Do you think that's fun?"


From an older gentleman

P: "What can your large wooden camera do that my new digital camera can't?

A: "Sorry - I don't speak English"


P: "I've never seen a camera like this. What is it?"

A: "It's a whole plate camera"

P: "Well of course. I like whole plates. Whole plates of carrots, brocolli, vegetables...this one is just a little unusual.."


P (a friend of mine): RJ - don't move. There's a dog coming at you thinking there's a five legged monster with a red darkcloth for its head.

Happy New Year!

Kind regards,


Brandon Draper
7-Jan-2009, 14:28
Love it. Thanks for the laugh!

David Karp
7-Jan-2009, 14:38
Here's another one:

Photographer: "Look honey, I got that package of stuff I bought on Ebay."

Wife: "Great. What is in it?"

P: "Whole Plate film holders . . . Let's see . . . [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. These are plate holders -- That guy said they were film holders. [EXPLETIVE DELETED]."

W: "Can you use them?"

P: "With film sheaths, which I don't have."

W: "You don't look happy."

Andrew M
7-Jan-2009, 19:25
thanks for sharing those RR, they gave me a good ol laugh, a couple were gems!

i really like the idea of your whole plate site too, but me, being reasonably computer hopeless, as i i think i must be...as i have trouble navigating the site or seeing how to contribute to it, or ask questions...ah well, cheers just the same

Ernest Purdum
7-Jan-2009, 20:50
David Karp - Since film sheaths were made on the same sort of equipment that sheet metal shops use today, it's quite worthwhile to see if new ones could make financial sense. Different shops have different specialties, so it pays to shop around.

An important point. When sketching the pattern for bids, don't forget to show the big notches at the bottom of the sheaths.They make a huge pricing difference.

David Karp
7-Jan-2009, 21:29
Hi Ernest,

Thanks. I actually have a some plate holders that came with sheaths, so I would be able to show them to the sheet metal shop.

I love the format.

9-Jan-2009, 11:57
....I love it. People are hilarious. I like the Cor blimely comment.

Scott Davis
9-Jan-2009, 13:45
I was out shooting with my Seneca "Black Beauty" whole-plater the other weekend and got the usual lots of agog stares, expected inquiries about "how old is it", and comments to the effect of "my grandfather used to have one like that...". Nothing quite as much fun as the fisherman though...