View Full Version : Crown Graphic Arrives...Yea

6-Jan-2009, 13:16
Just got in my crown graphic...in it's very old case. It's got a lot of misc. stuff with it. Apparently, the previous owner liked polaroid.
It has what looks to be a roll film polaroid back, complete with wooden box focusing aid, a 545 type back and what looks to be very similar to the polaroid back used on my old graflex xlsw...except with no apparent means of attaching it to a camera.
Also along for the ride is a flash set up, 5 film holders (2 wooden and in bad shape) and an unopened box of Ektachrome film...expired in 1969 (E3 processing anyone?).

The camera looks good. It needs some cleaning here and there, but seems light tight and functional. I've even figured out the movements.

I wonder what ancient ektachrome would look like cross processed in black and white chemicals? :-)

Frank Petronio
6-Jan-2009, 13:41
Fabreeze and Armor-All time ;-)

Take a photo of the odd Pola back but most likely it is the kind that takes pack film and just slips in like an obese film holder.

You can get good $ for the flash set-up on eBay, kids make Darth Vader light sabers out of them.

6-Jan-2009, 15:49
The lens? The shutter? What is it?

Glad you finally got a camera and lens. Go use it and stop asking so many questions. LOL! Any day you get a camera and lens is a good day. Enjoy!

We expect sample photos by Monday.

Robert A. Zeichner
6-Jan-2009, 15:50
Hi Dazed,
Sounds suspciously like a package I just shipped to Arizona ;)
I hope you enjoy using it.

6-Jan-2009, 15:54
For the record folks, I bought a really nice Gossen Luna-Pro SBC meter via Robert from his friend David. Both gentleman were a pleasure to work with. Most professional. A pleasant experience to be sure.

Glenn Thoreson
6-Jan-2009, 15:57
May lightning fry yer sinful self if ya let anybody make "light sabers" out of genuine Graflex or Heiland flash guns. There's imported replica junk out there for the making of the "light sabers". Whatever those are. (grump.....)

Jim Michael
6-Jan-2009, 16:08
What size flash bulbs does it take? I probably have some 25Bs in storage.

6-Jan-2009, 17:59
No idea of the bulb size...Ill take pictures of everything soon.
Im a souless capitalist...Ill sell the flash and they can make of it what they will.

Its the 135mm optar in a grahex shutter. Both seem fine.

I need a wet run through my processing to be sure I can load all that correctly...then Ill take a few test shots. Dont hold your breath waiting for art.

Colin Corneau
6-Jan-2009, 18:31
You can sell those flashes..?

I got 2 from recent sales, and will never use 'em. Even came with all wires, bulbs, etc.