View Full Version : Can Shen Hao Do This?

4-Jan-2009, 20:24
I am looking at getting my first 4x5 and its probably going to be the shen hao folding field camera. One thing I want to know since I have far less experience than the most of you is if that camera is possible of taking an image like this?


I like how the floor looks like it is 3D and almost flying out of the picture.


David A. Goldfarb
4-Jan-2009, 20:29
You should have no problem making that kind of photograph with a Shen-Hao. There's probably a little rear tilt exaggerating the near/far effect.

4-Jan-2009, 20:32
In a word yes. While the image is beautiful, the make and model of camera used to capture the image has probably less than 1% to do with the image. Get any camera you can afford and get to work with it. Happy New Year, now buy a camera and start using it. :)

Ken Lee
4-Jan-2009, 20:35
If you have to ask, you need to learn more before you buy a camera.

Learn a bit more about View Cameras, on this site and elsewhere. You'll be glad you did.

Rafael Garcia
4-Jan-2009, 20:37
The camera did not make the photograph: the photographer did. Yes, the SH will be capable of doing it, and so will almost any other field camera.

4-Jan-2009, 20:39
If that photo were only a function of hardware, a digital SLR and Tilt-Shift lens could have been used. Or software that layers multiple exposures with different focus.

4-Jan-2009, 21:05
Thanks everyone