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4-Jan-2009, 12:52
To all,
I am looking for specs on both the Shen Hao HZX4x5-IIA and the Shen PTB4x5 to compare the two. I found some numbers on Badgers site but I want to be able to compare the two side by side. Can you help me find full specs for the movements? Also, what are your feelings on both cameras? I have not found much data or conversation about the two. I assume this is due to the PTB being new.

4-Jan-2009, 12:57
Robert White's page lists the specs of each I think


Gordon Moat
4-Jan-2009, 13:35

I have been using one of these for a few years now, and I still find it incredibly functional and durable. Shen Hao make several different 4x5 cameras, including some non-folding models. The TZ series and TFC are other choices you might consider.

http://www.shen-hao.com/indexen.html - English Index

Given the choice of buying a new 4x5, I would get another HZX45-AII. The newest PTB would mostly have an advantage on lighter weight, though you eliminate some back movements compared to the HZX. You could get by fine doing landscape photography without many back standard movements, so that is something to consider.


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4-Jan-2009, 14:47
Hey Gordan, Neither link works. Maybe its just my computer. Give them a click and let me know

Gordon Moat
4-Jan-2009, 15:18
Both links work. You could always try typing them into your browser. Their website is Flash based, so if that is not active then it might not load. You can also try these resellers:



Both of them stock most of the Shen-Hao product line.