View Full Version : 16x20 ULF Film Sagging

30-Dec-2008, 11:52
Hi all,
Anyone got a solution to prevent ULF film from sagging out of the filmholder?....And being destroyed when the dark slide is reinserted? I even tilted the camera backwards to no avail before reinserting the dark slide...perhaps tape on the back of the film? Havent tried this yet...seems it would be hard to load film this way. Any suggestions will be much appreaciated!

Steve Hamley
30-Dec-2008, 11:59
I've seen a small square of two-sided sticky stuff in the center of large holders before, and that's probably the quickest solution. Of course, it can't be too sticky. Also if the film sags this much (or even much less), it's no longer in the plane of sharp focus.



Glenn Thoreson
30-Dec-2008, 12:02
Use Ole's method. wipe a couple of smears of jam on the holder. The film will stick to it and wash off in processing, or you can let the dog lick it. Use jam (jelly) without lumps. It works great. :D

Nathan Potter
30-Dec-2008, 14:33
Vaseline on the back of the film holder. May only be needed in the center area. Use a very thin coat then press the film against the holder face after loading using a lint free cloth. Not very useful though if you are in very cold conditions. Remove prior to processing using acetone or xylene.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.