View Full Version : Chamonix extension bracket

27-Dec-2008, 16:41
I don't know if anyone has posted it or not. I just got mine. It works very well with 450c. The second photo shows the 450 focus @ infinity. The universal bellow is not tight @ infinity, I can focus @ 10m with ease.

27-Dec-2008, 17:24
What a nonsensical construction of this part from the engineering point of view!

Gary Samson
27-Dec-2008, 17:40
Does anyone know if the bag bellows for the 45N1 is available yet?

28-Dec-2008, 00:11
GPS, I agree. I wouldn't think that design would hold my 450 very well as compared to one that sat on top of the bed and fastened a few holes back. I've actually been working on a extension bracket for mine and it does make sense. I'll post photos if anyone is interested.
Bag bellows- I use my shenhao hzx-IIA bag bellows on the Chamonix 45N, perfect fit.