View Full Version : can you identify this camera?

pablo batt
26-Dec-2008, 12:25



thanx in advance:confused:

Robbie Shymanski
26-Dec-2008, 13:43
Some sort of fixed focus "architecture" camera. It similar to ones built by Peter Gowland. I am guessing that is a bubble level on the upper corner?

Oren Grad
26-Dec-2008, 14:04
Looks like some sort of home-brew camera cobbled together using a back from an old Graphic or similar. I'm not sure it's fixed-focus - the thing mounted on the front might be a helicoid.

Rafael Garcia
26-Dec-2008, 15:31
I agree woth Oren. The finder is from a Speed Graphic for sure, and the GG assembly and springs also. The box seems slapped together in haste, and the focuser is a helicoid focuser. It's someone's super-wide camera!