View Full Version : Chamonix 4x5 for Christmas? Well, almost!

Really Big Cameras
19-Dec-2008, 02:37
I have just learned from the factory that Chamonix will have a batch of their popular 045n-1 4x5 cameras ready to ship on December 26th. This is half of the production lot that was originally scheduled for delivery in February 2009.

These cameras will be available in both walnut and maple with black metal hardware.

The second half of this production lot will be ready in February, as originally planned. Cameras from the February build will also be available in walnut and maple, but the metal hardware will be a titanium gray colored aluminum.

Final selling price for these cameras will be determined based on the exchange rate at the time of shipment. I am waiting to hear back from the factory on the final price, but I expect the total delivered price, including shipping to be in the $850 - $875 range. I'll post a more accurate estimate as soon as I hear back from the factory.

There is normally a long waiting period of several months for these cameras, but thanks to the factory accelerating their production schedule, you can now obtain a new, factory-fresh 4x5 Chamonix with almost no waiting period.

If you'd like get one of the cameras from this production run, please drop me at email at: sales@reallybigcameras.com and I'll reserve one for you. Be sure to let me know if you prefer walnut or maple. No deposit is required, but payment in full will be necessary at the time of shipment from the manufacturer.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras (http://reallybigcameras.com)