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18-Dec-2008, 14:58
Has anyone bought anything from KEH and had it posted/shipped internationally? Or out of the US?
Theres a few things i have seen on there, just curious what the charges would be.

If anyone could tell me what they have paid to give me an idea that would be great.


Paul Ewins
18-Dec-2008, 15:23
I've had no troubles with stuff sent to Australia and their postal charges are usually much more reasonable than the other reputable stores. The most recent purchase (November) went via "Federal Express Mail Service" with Fedex doing the international bit and the local post doing the actual delivery. The cost was US$27.74 for three pounds three ounces (Fuji 180SF and 250SF and a QR plate) and took just over a month. It arrived with a Swedish airmail sticker so I'm not quite sure what is going on there.

The only troubles I have had has been ordering stuff from the website and then finding that it had gone when they went to fill the box. I'm guessing that phone orders take precedence and maybe the web stuff gets done when the phones stop ringing. It has happened to me twice, but only on desirable 35mm gear, not LF items. I find their rating policy to be very reliable and happily buy stuff marked as "bargain". You do need to read the descriptions carefully as lenses usually come without caps and cases unless noted.

18-Dec-2008, 15:26
thanks for your help with this one paul. Just the lens i have seen on there seems at a good price, but it doesnt have a lens board, I have found one that has elsewhere for a bit more. Just trying to work out which is the best deal.

Rafael Garcia
18-Dec-2008, 17:41
Can't help with the international shipping question, but can tell you they are here in Atlanta, I've dealt with them for years, and I have never had cause for complaint. I have met several, if not all, of them in person and they are good people.

18-Dec-2008, 18:25
International shipping and handling quite high. I bough one Linhof Technik, one 4"X4" wood lens board, and two 4X5 holder dark slide, total US$ 42 shipping to Canada.

18-Dec-2008, 18:27
My Linhof Techink is lens board. So my total weight only a few oz.

18-Dec-2008, 19:21
Recently bought a Fuji GX680III with 50mm, 210mm and 500mm lenses. KEH charged me $330 for a delivery by UPS to Hong Kong. It seemed higher than normal, but I accpeted it for the low prices of camera and lenses.

One more thing, I originally tended to buy that 50mm lens as new. But the broker said that they could only offer a second handed 50mm lens since they could not ship NEW item to overseas. But few days after I sent money to KEH, I found at ?bay that KEH put that new 50mm lens for auction and could ship internationally.

Clive Gray
18-Dec-2008, 20:12
I am in the UK and back in the summer when it was $2 to 1 I brought a Sinar F from them with a mettering back and a Sinar to Nikon adapter total price $240 ....shipping costs $265.45. At that time it was still worth it to me because of the price that mettering backs usually go for, with the current exchange rate I doubt I would buy it now.

Gregory Ng
18-Dec-2008, 21:37
$120USD for shipping a Bronica 6x7 film holder and a teleconverter to Hong Kong, or $30 but would take weeks and no checking. Opted for cheaper, faxed my card photocopy over [mandatory for first time oversea order], no reply, waited for months but items didn't turn up. Later found my card was never charged and presumably deal not carried through.

Ross Chambers
19-Dec-2008, 00:15
I can't remember postage charges to Sydney, Australia (where else ;-)) but I usually need to correspond with them to specify USPS/Australia Post, as their usual shipping company won't deliver to my address of choice: a Post Office box (hey, beats finding a parcel dumped on your doorstep by a rushed courier).

They have always been very accomodating, but on at least one occasion it seemed to need a prompt for them to go down to the post office. I assume that this was a slight change to their routine.

The freight charge--from vague memory--was reasonable. And BTW one way or the other import duties will catch you if the value exceeds the limit of your country's rules.

Regards - Ross

19-Dec-2008, 16:19
I made my first purchase in KEH in this month. I've bought a mamiya 645af kit, and shipping to Switzerland was 65$ with usps express mail (or 198$ with ups). I take the usps shipping, and the parcel was at my home five days later. I'm very satisfied

Jerzy Pawlowski
19-Dec-2008, 22:55
I have very good experience with KEH shipments to Canada.

20-Dec-2008, 19:25
I have two shipment (one on printing equipment which is bulky and one of other stuff which is smaller) from them to Hong Kong. They are perfect.

Also, if you tried a bit, their system (as normal) charged on combined shipping. Good international shipper. I hoped it can mail E6 solution as so far I cannot find anyone selling this to and in Hong Kong.

Steve Barber
21-Dec-2008, 15:33
Buyer Beware!

In my own case, items shipped by US mail are received at the local post office and I deal directly with customs for the import duty. Items sent by UPS are handed off to their agent, this triggers added fees and all of the fees are paid through their broker who charges additional fees for their "service". In general, this adds shipping expense in addition to what was paid by the sender to UPS plus higher customs duty and more fees to the broker for their payment. It appears the brokers require higher payments for customs than I am required to pay when I do it directly. I do not know whether this is out of an abundance of caution or just done to maximize their fee. In any event, I have had as much as 40 per cent of the cost I paid the shipper added on and that has to be paid by me in cash on the delivery of the item.

What really irks me is the attitude of shippers who insist they will only use UPS and disclaim any responsibility for the added charges. UPS compounds the problem by giving the impression that they deliver to my location when they do not and they specifically deny any responsibility for any added charges that they do not collect up front. I will say, however, that the problem is not just with UPS. I have had the same problems with the Royal Mail from the UK where they have used a courier service rather than keeping the item in the postal system.

If I ask nicely and am willing to let them do it at their convenience, KEH will send it by the US Postal Service using their "express mail international" shipping insured for value with tracking. I would strongly recommend that you make that a condition to your purchase. In my experience it is faster, cheaper and a lot less hassle.

Another reason for using the US Mail is that you can use their on-line calculator to find the exact cost of the shipping, insurance and other fees along with your country specific information regarding availability and limitations.

Paul Ewins
21-Dec-2008, 18:07
Steve, that probably explains why charges to Australia can be so low compared to other places in the region. We don't pay any duties or taxes on items that cost less than AUD$1000 (incl. shipping) so the parcels come straight through. Fortunately the postal system in this country is still cheap and reliable. I've got quite friendly with the parcel delivery guy as I feed my photography habit.