View Full Version : Shen Hao PTB45 (Chamonix 045N-1 copy) at Robert white

Aender Brepsom
17-Dec-2008, 11:32
Looks like the new Shen Hao PTB45, very similar to the Chamonix 045N-1, is available now from Robert White in the UK at a great price (the being quite weak against the EUR at the moment). There are also very interesting sets, with a lens or even more.


17-Dec-2008, 12:11
Badger Graphic in US is also selling them, actually I just ordered one to try it out.

Alan Rabe
17-Dec-2008, 13:38
The reason I sold my Zone VI and got a Chamonix was the metal base and extension rail for stability and strength. The clone is primarily wood. Looks like a pretty camera though.

Harley Goldman
17-Dec-2008, 16:42
Nice looking camera and looks like the Chamonix, but as Alan brought up, a huge advantage of the Chamonix is the carbon fiber bed and the rigidity it provides. The only wood on the Cham are the standards. I find my Chamonix is more rigid than was my Arca F-Line classic.

23-Dec-2008, 13:12
I just got the Shen Hao PTB45 from post office, and was very happy with what I see. Excellent workmanship, and all the parts are well made and fitting allowance very tight. It feels like a precision made camera even at such light weight. My reference points are Sinar F1 and Crown Graphic.

Now about rigidity: the PTB45 bed is wooden with a metal bottom plate which is the whole size of the bed. I would be surprised if the Chamonix with its carbon fiber bed will be materially more rigid. The rails and the standard joints are metal as well. Metal used is aluminum magnesium alloy. So once everything are locked down, it does feel fairly rigid.

The bad news is that I do not have any lens with a Copal #0 hole, so I cannot really try it out during the holiday season. Unless I can do a quick hacking solution for the 6" little Petzval. The Linhof type of boards are tiny compared to Sinar boards, so my bigger heavier glasses might not be able to mount.

P.S. I'm originally from Shanghai so a bit prejudiced, but I have no association with Shen Hao whatsoever.

23-Dec-2008, 14:28
It's a pretty camera (thus exhausting allmost all I know).

What are the primary differences between this model and other Shen Hao?

Frank Petronio
24-Dec-2008, 06:00
It's a copy of the Chinese Chamonix, which is a copy of a Dick Phillips design.

People really like the Phillips design, it is rigid, light camera but fairly rare and expensive. The Chamonix has a good reputation and is much less expensive. This one is still cheaper.

14-Feb-2009, 15:54
Will the PTB45 accommodate a wide angle with some useful movements? I have read the Chamonix does a pretty good job in this regard. I suppose I am going to purchase one of these two cameras for my long overdue entry into large format.