View Full Version : Source for air bulb for pneumatic shutter?

Jim Michael
16-Dec-2008, 18:17
I have an Eastman 2D that I restored a few years ago and mounted a pneumatic shutter behind the lens board. I'm in need of the little bulb that you squeeze to activate the shutter. Anyone know of a source for these?

Rafael Garcia
16-Dec-2008, 18:37
I found a brand new one at KEH's sidewalk sale earlier this year..they are around. I have also used an ear irrigation bulb from the pharmacy, with vinyl fish tank tubing succesfully. I covered the tubing with black gaffers' tape. Finally, the air bulb from a blood pressure sleeve should work; see if you can find a medical equipment supplier online.

16-Dec-2008, 18:41
Mr. Ernest Purdum can supply high quality ones, I got some from him recently for a Packard shutter. He has rubber tubes as well.

Jim Michael
16-Dec-2008, 18:50
That was fast. Thank you.


Tracy Storer
16-Dec-2008, 18:56

Jim Michael
16-Dec-2008, 19:03

No way! Thanks.

16-Dec-2008, 20:31
surgical tubing is nice and flexible. Ear bulb. $2 done.

Steve Wadlington
17-Dec-2008, 06:42
Harbor Freight has the bulbs in the Air Compressor and Fittings area.

Tracy Storer
17-Dec-2008, 07:20
No way! Thanks.
That's right, you can buy brand new Packard Shutters and original equipment bulbs, hoses and hardware to pass it through your lensboards. How cool is that? I buy my bulbs and hoses from him.

17-Dec-2008, 08:36


Steve Hamley
17-Dec-2008, 11:43
DeGroff. Absolutely the best.



Jim Michael
17-Dec-2008, 19:33
When I first restored my camera a few years ago I had a bulb from some other type of device such as some folks have suggested. The nice thing about the bulbs made for these shutters is they usually have a hole you put your thumb over that lets you control whether to leave the shutter open ("T") or not ("B"). Also the small ones such as Freestyle sells which have a mechanical adapter to allow them to work on modern cameras, they don't usually provide sufficient air volume for a Packard shutter.

Thanks for all the leads.