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15-Dec-2008, 12:08
Hi all, I have been looking at one of these lenses was wanting to get some opinions on them,

Louie Powell
15-Dec-2008, 12:25
I have the Calumet rebranded version that I bought via the auction site. It's a good lens - a bit dark for focusing (duh - its f8) but produces reasonably sharp images. There are a lot of them around and prices are reasonable - mid $300s.

15-Dec-2008, 12:28
I absolutely loved mine. I sold it because I had moved up to 8x10, but I have never seen such sharp images as those I made with the SA 90 f8. Mine was one of the newer ones, serial number 14 million something. Definitely worth the dollars, imo.

15-Dec-2008, 12:31
As Louie wrote, they are reasonably sharp, although not as sharp as some other options. Coverage is OK for 4x5 (216mm @ f/22 & infinity). I've had both a 1960's single-coated example and now have a later model (multi-coated, from the early '80s) and I like the MC version better. The color rendition is a bit truer and it seems a little sharper in the corners, but I don't want to make a blanket statement based on two lenses.

Clive Gray
15-Dec-2008, 12:33
I expect this will get moved to lenses shortly.

Anyhow I'd use mine all the time except for the fact that I got a 5.6 version for half the price I paid for the F8, they are both great lenses but th F5.6 is so much easier to focus and has much better conerage thats good for 5X7 too, it is a bit heavier and does require larger filters but then most people are probably using square filters with them.

15-Dec-2008, 12:41
Thanks for the quick replies guys, the f8 has an image circle of 216mm that seems very good for 4x5 and it will also work on 5x7 with little or no movements,

15-Dec-2008, 12:41
i believe the 90mm f8 just cavers 5x7 as well. mine is great. i have the calumet MC version. the caluments are great for buyers. much cheaper than the S. smae stuff too.
the prices are in the 200s for most all models (f8) just be sure to get one with a "T" function on the shutter

15-Dec-2008, 12:51
A center filter is usually not needed with one of these, is that correct?

Mark Sampson
15-Dec-2008, 13:50
Not on 4x5.

Alan Davenport
15-Dec-2008, 18:30
Most photographers seem to not bother with a center filter on 4x5. I'm among them; I've never felt the need. The 90mm f/8 Super Angulon was a bread-and-butter lens for a generation of architectural photographers. There may be brighter and even sharper lenses available now, but that doesn't reduce the quality of the old SA.

Rafael Garcia
15-Dec-2008, 18:52
Great for 4x5, marginal to inadequate coverage in 5x7. The 121 SA has tons of coverage for 5x7.

Gene McCluney
15-Dec-2008, 20:00
NONSENSE, I use my 90mm f8 Super Angulon all the time for 5x7 b/w. It does have some fall off, but I know how to dodge and burn.

Example below, and I can surely say there was some front rise on that shot.

15-Dec-2008, 22:05
Excellent shot Gene!

Joseph O'Neil
16-Dec-2008, 06:20
I have the Ilex clone of that lens. Dark to focus as others have said, but I love it for backpacking because of it's small size and light weight. I find more than enough coverage for 4x5 for my Tachihara.

Rafael Garcia
16-Dec-2008, 18:48
NONSENSE, I use my 90mm f8 Super Angulon all the time for 5x7 b/w. It does have some fall off, but I know how to dodge and burn.

Example below, and I can surely say there was some front rise on that shot.

Gene: you prove my point! :) Now, to each his own...if you like it then it's fine for you! Here's my example of why I don't like it, the contact print is bad, but suffices to make the point:


Ole Tjugen
17-Dec-2008, 02:23
That's too much front rise.

Of course the coverage is limited on 5x7", and more than a hint of rise is too much!

Here's another, on 5x7" FP4+:

erie patsellis
17-Dec-2008, 15:52
well, here's the image circle on 8x10, draw your own conclusions:


Ole Tjugen
17-Dec-2008, 16:26
Erie, how much tilt did you use on that one? Also the vignetting is asymmetrical, which sort of defies the object if you intended to show the image circle.

I use and will continue to use mine on 5x7". At the same time I will use my 121mm f:8 SA on 18x24cm, but NOT on 8x10"...

erie patsellis
17-Dec-2008, 17:09
Ole, I don't honestly remember, probably a bit, as the front stump is around 4" from the lens. I shot it last fall mostly as a quick test of the coverage limits.

I've had a few 121 SA slip through my hands, timing never was good, though I keep looking and hoping for either a 121 or a Nikon 120 SW

17-Dec-2008, 19:33
thanks guys for all the responses, I got the 90 SA today, havnt had any time to try it out though, i plan on trying it on my 5x7 also just to see what happens, its primary use though will be on my GII, thanks again for the help.

17-Dec-2008, 22:37
Well I got it home was hoping it was copal o size hole. Much smaller I have it mounted but the aperature arm will not move. Will have to get the correct board. Nice looking lens though.

Ole Tjugen
18-Dec-2008, 01:07
So you've got one of the ones in 00 shutter, too?

There's no T setting on those shutters, so you will need to set it to B and hold it open while focussing. A locking cable release is highly recommended. I have one permanently attached to mine. :)

19-Dec-2008, 01:20
I....It's a good lens - a bit dark for focusing (duh - its f8) ....
Right. Had one for 30 years. Useless with ground glass - even with fresnel. Works fine for point and shoot.