View Full Version : Linhof copy stand?

Charles Buer
10-Dec-2008, 17:14
Can anyone shed some light on this apparatus? It is apparently some type of copy stand with the Linhof logo attached. I'm unsure if it is complete. It quite heavy and about a metre in length. Any sort of information is greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Charles

David A. Goldfarb
10-Dec-2008, 18:18
It's a heavy duty copy stand for copy work with a large format camera, but it will work with smaller cameras as well. It usually has a baseboard, but you could probably replace it or attach it to a table.

Frank Petronio
10-Dec-2008, 19:56
I think it works as a enlarger too, if you attach a camera and the cold light Linhof made for the 4x5.

Steve Hamley
10-Dec-2008, 20:05
O.K. Frank,

I just finished browsing your website. And you sold the 8x10 Norma?!?! What were you thinking ??