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Thierry Schreiner
7-Dec-2008, 18:36
Hi to all out there,

Can someone tell me where to find a 8x10 groundglass protector, or let me know what you do to protect your groundglass?

Thank you in advance and best regards


Keith Pitman
7-Dec-2008, 18:53
check canhamcameras.com

Gem Singer
7-Dec-2008, 20:28
Midwest Photo Exchange, in Columbus, Ohio - USA stocks the K.B. Canham 8X10 ground glass protector. It sells for approx. $35. Made of clear plastic, it protects both sides of the GG. I use one on my 8X10 Canham Traditional, and highly recommend it. It should fit most 8X10 camera backs.

I realize that you are in France. However Midwest is equipped to ship overseas. Send an Email to: jim@mpex.com

Walter Calahan
8-Dec-2008, 07:45
Got mine from Badger Graphics. http://www.badgergraphic.com/

Ben Hopson
8-Dec-2008, 11:08
The places listed above are all excellent suggestions. I made my GG protectors for 5X7 and 8X10 camera backs using 1/8" acrylic sheet. You need a way to cut the acrylic, some sandpaper for rounding the edges, a propane torch for heat clearing the edges, a piece of metal tubing held in a vise for forming the bend and a pair of gloves for handling the warm plastic. After cutting the acrylic to size, smoothing and clearing the edges and marking where the bend will be, lay it on the tubing and carefully heat until it can be formed around the metal tubing. If you have the tools already it is a very inexpensive way to make a protector. I was fortunate to have some acrylic scrap on hand so mine were free except for the little time it took to make them.


Eric Leppanen
8-Dec-2008, 12:11
I'm another happy user of the Canham ground glass cover, which I use on my Arca 8x10. I got it from Rod Klukas of Photomark (www.photomark.com).

Brian Ellis
8-Dec-2008, 21:51
Calumet used to sell them, I don't know if they still do. I had one but it was too industrial black plastic looking and seemed a little thin so I got a Canham from Badger I think. I've now had about four Canhams. The Canham is nice looking and provides protection against minor bangs. But when my camera got a hard bang in the trunk of my car the Canham cracked and the ground glass was shattered.

Thierry Schreiner
10-Dec-2008, 18:31
Thank's to all for your help.

Best regards from the old continent


G Benaim
11-Dec-2008, 03:56
A simple DIY option is plexiglass cut to size and attached w stick on velcro.