View Full Version : Precision of Ebony RW45E?

5-Dec-2008, 14:00
Hi, a nice person proposes me an Ebony RW45E to buy, brandnew, just a couple of pictures taken. The camera is 4 years old and looks totally immaculate. All movements are very satisfactory, the camera is precise and stiff, just as I like it. NOW: I discovered that the moving "bed" (with the front standart on top of it) has significant lateral "play", ie fully extended you can move it left to right, a couple of mm. When it's locked, this disappears a bit, but not totally. Is that normal? I did not see any way of adusting it? It looks pretty much standard....
Thank's for any information.


Eric Leppanen
5-Dec-2008, 14:36
Try making the adjustment described in section 3 of the Ebony FAQ, and see if that resolves the problem.


5-Dec-2008, 15:08
Thanks, but I read that section already; it treats about stiffness, but it won't resolve lateral play...
The question remains open.

thank's Torsten

Drew Wiley
5-Dec-2008, 15:57
I have this camera in mahogany. I know what you are referring to. To absolutely stop any chance of lateral play I put a threaded insert into the edge out the outside rail with a nylon set screw inside, which can be tightened against the inner member. However, I found that I never needed to use this at all. The camera holds its
position extremely well just as it is. I wouldn't worry about this whatsoever.

Eric Leppanen
5-Dec-2008, 16:14
If the camera stiffness is set correctly, then in my experience the Ebony cameras will hold their position unless you apply an unusual amount of lateral force (far more than wind or other naturally occuring field elements will apply, unless you plan on shooting in a gale). My suggestion would also be not to worry about it.

If you'd still like to pursue this further, Ian Wilson of Ebony (hiromi@ebonycamera.com) is a great guy to work with and may have some additional suggestions.

5-Dec-2008, 16:18
Have the camera in mahogany. I have travelled with it and used it extensively. I have never had any issue like this at all. There is no slop in the camera - anywhere - none. Everything is tight and always has been. If anything the camera is too tight.