View Full Version : Sorry...but love does not describe how i feel...

4-Dec-2008, 16:02
Arrived today...it is a thing to behold. Six months wait was well worth it. Thanks to those who have answered my questions re heads and lenses...if it weren't for the terrible weather i would be heading out tonight to try it out...

4-Dec-2008, 16:05
apologies - got so excited i forgot to include the rubbish photo...

4-Dec-2008, 16:29
Very nice and pretty too!
I want one.

4-Dec-2008, 21:12
So what kind is this?

Turner Reich
4-Dec-2008, 22:00
The good kind!

Michael Alpert
6-Dec-2008, 15:02
I am in the mood for this guessing game. It looks like a Gandolfi "Traditional" camera. Yes?

Allen in Montreal
7-Dec-2008, 07:20
Arrived today...it is a thing to behold........

There is something about LF that is is really beautiful isn't there!
It just is not the same feeling when you use an DSLR or an SLR.

9-Dec-2008, 08:11
correct - its a Gandolfi Traditional 8x10. Its funny one of you mentioned a DSLR as the budget for this camera was originally reserved for a nikon D3. Then i saw the light...as it were...

9-Dec-2008, 08:18
Beautiful wood and brass--you undoubtedly made the correct choice. What kind of head have you got on your tripod? It looks like a Gitzo 3-way. Do you like it?

9-Dec-2008, 18:56
yes - after quite a lot of posting and opininion hunting i bought a Gitzo 1570m which so far is very goog - to be hoonest the big thing for me is having the ability to be able to put two screws into the base of the camera - i asked the question regarding this issue (fixing the camera to the head) on this forum and it seems people fell into the quick release versus fixed category very quickly. All i know is that after my investment i really don"t want to have the camera anything other than rock solid safe.

I believe there are a lot of other three way heads available however i liked the look of the gitzo and its movements (for a non geared head) seem very solid and secure.

9-Dec-2008, 20:11
Thanks, it looks like a nice head and maybe a field trip to B&H is in order.

10-Dec-2008, 17:48
that's where i bought mine - Robert White here in the old country were out of stock...

Jess C
10-Dec-2008, 17:51
That is a handsome camera. Congrats and enjoy your new toy!

Brandon Draper
10-Dec-2008, 20:09
Very nice 8x10. I'm looking at that format right now.

Concerning the D3, I use it in my business and it was one of my best investments.

11-Dec-2008, 12:27
that's interesting - i would imagine it's a fabulous pro camera. i might be tempted if they produce the fabled "x". However, i don't earn my living taking photographs which, i imagine, helps to define the choice of the tools. i like the challenge of only having a couple of chances at a landscape shot...an the acreage of the negative......

15-Dec-2008, 12:57
Beautiful! Artwork in itself

Emil Schildt
3-Jan-2009, 06:18
Gandolfi RULES!! :D

So beautiful - easy to work with.

I have 5 in different sizes - and I want more......:rolleyes:


Sven Schroder
3-Jan-2009, 09:46
Hi all

I agree Gandolfi = Beauty in form and function, I've notched up 3 so far and maybe 4 I am tempted by the 10x12 Gandolfi @ Mwclassics. It seems under priced even if it only has 10x8 back.