View Full Version : Adapting Toyo 8x10 Reflex Viewer to Arca Swiss 8x10

Larry Menzin
3-Dec-2008, 06:57

I've gotten used to using the reflex viewer with my Arca Swiss 6x9 and 4x5 cameras and can't seem to get by without them.

Now that I've purchased an 8x10 format set, I'd like to find a way to use a reflex viewer with the 8x10, but Arca doesn't have a product for 8x10. Toyo has a very light 8x10 reflex viewer that may be attachable to the Arca 8x10 rear frame using something as simple as velcro.

Has anyone consisdered or tried a project like this?

neil poulsen
3-Dec-2008, 14:16
While I haven't quite finished it yet, I figured a way to easily attach a Sinar reflex viewer to an Arca Swiss. Saves A LOT OF MONEY, if one wants a viewer for an AS camera.

It's easy. The Sinar viewer can be attached to the following AS adaptor:


It takes some screws, or some other way of attaching the adaptor to the Sinar viewer. I've got both parts, and the two match in size. Then, the viewer-adapter attaches to the camera in the same way that the AS viewer would attach.

Sorry. Can't help you on 8x10. Maybe this approach will spark an idea.

Larry Menzin
3-Dec-2008, 14:23
Your solution is good for 4x5, but there is nothing similar for 8x10.

Ralph Barker
4-Dec-2008, 09:09
I haven't seen any currently-manufactured reflex viewers for 8x10 from Toyo, but it's possible that they had something in the past that might show up on the used market. I do, however, have the Toyo 4x5 reflex viewer, and found it a little cumbersome for anything but studio use.

Larry Menzin
4-Dec-2008, 11:35

Ed Brock
4-Dec-2008, 18:52
If nothing else is available you could try my approach (in my case 5x7 but would work for any format). I used a table saw to cut lightweight and unbreakable acrylic mirror to size. I simply hold it to the base of the ground glass and tilt to see an upright image. You will find it does not need to be held at any critical angle. And it takes little room in your case. One note - cover the back with gaffers tape or the like to protect it from scratching.

neil poulsen
4-Dec-2008, 21:39
If you can figure some way to "hang" whatever viewer on the camera, one could maybe attach a 4x5 viewer so that it's distant enough from the GG to include the entire 8x10 image on the 4x5 viewer's mirror?

However, I think that you might be dealing with a pretty low-light image in the viewer.