View Full Version : 8x10 Deardorff vs Wista stability with 300/5.6 lens

2-Dec-2008, 15:43
Please give some feedbacks regarding of stability of 8x10 Deardorff vs Wista with 300/5.6 lens. Camera's price difference is about $500 and if it only due to brand name, I'll stick to Wista for portraits.

tim o'brien
2-Dec-2008, 16:47
I've never played with a Wista, but as far as the Deardorff is concerned... can you say ROCK SOLID?

tim in san jose

Craig Roberts
2-Dec-2008, 17:44
I have used both cameras with a 300mm lens. For portraits there is no real diference. Both are finely made cameras and will work well. Craig

Walter Calahan
2-Dec-2008, 20:32
As long as the lens is good, either camera will do.

2-Dec-2008, 22:28
Condition can also be a factor...I have 2 8x10 'dorffs, my older one (quite well used) is less rigid, when extended, than my newer one.
Take your time & shop carefully, try to see examples of cameras before buying.
A newer Wista might be a better buy than a worn-out 'dorff.
If you mention your location, perhaps some members in your area could show you their cameras.
David Silva
Modesto, Ca

3-Dec-2008, 03:08
Thank you all. I'm in Chicago. I'll try to rent Deardorff at Helix camera to play. If somebody have Wista in area I'll appreciate that very much touch Wista too. Does 8x10 Wista have special Wista lensboard or it is also compatable with other brands?

Andrea Gazzoni
3-Dec-2008, 03:30
any sinar/horseman sized lensboard will fit a 8x10 Wista