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Really Big Cameras
2-Dec-2008, 02:25
I am pleased to announce that Really Big Cameras is now a factory authorized dealer for Chamonix large format and ultra large format cameras, film holders and accessories.

I have not yet posted information on the Chamonix products on my web site, but will do so in the near future. I plan to place my first order with the factory within the next two weeks for items that are currently in stock. These include:

057N - Horizontal Only 5x7
057N - Reverible Back 5x7
058N - Horizontal Only 5x8
WP - Whole Plate (6½x8½)
717 - 7x17
820 - 8x20

Film Holders:
Whole Plate (6½x8½)

Accessories: Various reducing backs, extension beds, lensboards, etc. Please contact me for more details.

As prices fluctuate with the exchange rate, please contact me for current prices on these items. If you would like to purchase any of these items, please let me know and I'll have them included in my shipment from the factory.

I am also now accepting pre-orders for the February production run of the Chamonix 045N 4x5 camera. At the current exchange rate, the approximate delivered price (camera plus shipping) would be approximately $850. This is subject to change due to currency fluctuations. The actual price will be determined when the product ships from the factory. Please contact me at sales@reallybigcameras.com to reserve your spot in the queue for this popular camera. To date, demand for the Chamonix 045N has far outstripped factory production capacity. Don't be left out yet again. Reserve yours now.

Also, please contact me to get your name in the queue for the following upcoming Chamonix production runs:

Camera: 810C 8x10 Planned Production Date: May, 2009
Camera: 1114 11x14 Planned Production Date: June, 2009
Camera: 1417 14x17 Planned Production Date: August, 2009

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras (http://reallybigcameras.com)

Kirk Gittings
2-Dec-2008, 07:45
Congratulations Kerry. This will be good for all.

Richard K.
2-Dec-2008, 08:33
Hi Kerry;

I have a few questions which may be of general interest.

Will the ordered cameras still be drop-shipped from China or will you receive them for inspection and fulfillment before shipping to the buyer? Will you be carrying any stock? Will you be providing warantee and ongoing servicing? What is Hugo's role? For those that deposited with Hugo, will fulfillment be through him, or will it be transferred to you?

Just a few questions, :) thanks!

Really Big Cameras
2-Dec-2008, 09:25

Thanks for your questions.

Chamonix products ordered through Really Big Cameras will be shipped from the manufacturer in China to me. I will do a visual inspection to check for any damage that may have occurred in transit prior to shipping the products to my customers.

As with all of my product lines, the goal is to eventually become a full-line stocking dealer of the Chamonix products. However, due to demand for many of their products outstripping their current production capacity, that won't be possible initially. I will start with a modest inventory of their available products and build it up over time as more become available from stock.

In the mean time, I will maintain a queue (first in, first out) for those wishing to pre-order products that are not available from stock, but scheduled for future production. I will also maintain a list of anticipated future production dates (as shown in my first post) for cameras scheduled for future production. That will let people know what's in the works so they can start saving their pennies for an upcoming purchase.

There will be no fee charged to get into the queue for future products. When the products are available from the manufacturer, parties in the queue will be contacted, in order, to confirm, or decline their purchase. At that time, if the customer wishes to proceed, they will be sent an invoice, based on current exchange rates, for the price of their goods.

The goal is also for me to provide minor warranty service. As available from the manufacturer, I will maintain a small inventory of replacement parts and hardware. For major repairs, the products will need to be returned to the manufacturer in China. The customer will have the option of returning the product to Really Big Cameras (less expensive shipping) or directly to the manufacturer (faster turnaround time).

Mr. Hugo Zhang is not affiliated with Really Big Cameras. His business is separate from mine. We are, in essence, competing dealers. Your business dealings with Mr. Zhang are between you and him. I will not be involved in those transactions.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras (http://reallybigcameras.com)

Richard K.
2-Dec-2008, 09:44
Thanks for the reply, Kerry. What will be the situation for custom orders (eg. 14x20, 8x16 or whatever!). Will you take those? Will a deposit be required in this instance? Thanks!

Really Big Cameras
2-Dec-2008, 10:06
Thanks for the reply, Kerry. What will be the situation for custom orders (eg. 14x20, 8x16 or whatever!). Will you take those? Will a deposit be required in this instance? Thanks!


Yes, I will accept custom orders.

I will have to check with the factory on their deposit requirements. I expect a substantial deposit will be required prior to committing resources to building a custom product, but I will check with the factory for clarification of their policy.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras (http://reallybigcameras.com)

30-Dec-2008, 21:43
Kerry, congrats on becoming a dealer.... How long have you been a re-seller? Will you be taking on more lines in the future? This is the perfect business for you! Best of luck!

Really Big Cameras
31-Dec-2008, 01:29
Kerry, congrats on becoming a dealer.... How long have you been a re-seller? Will you be taking on more lines in the future? This is the perfect business for you! Best of luck!


I have just recently become a Chamonix dealer.

The plan is to grow the business slowly and steadily, adding new complimentary products as time allows. I want to get to know each product and build up an inventory, before I add more. I started with the Feisol carbon fiber tripods back in March, added the Photo Clam ballheads in early November, and now the Chamonix cameras, film holders an accessories.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras (http://reallybigcameras.com)

Really Big Cameras
20-Apr-2009, 16:24
Before I post these on my web site for the general public, I wanted to let members of the Large Format Forum know that Really Big Cameras has a limited number of Chamonix Cameras in stock and available for immediate shipment.

I have 4x5 cameras (045n-1) in stock in both maple and walnut with both black and titanium colored hardware. The number of each type is very limited at this time. So, if you want your choice of wood and metal color, please act quickly. These cameras all have the universal bellows (better for wide angle lens use than the standard bellows). They are priced at $875 each - and that price includes shipping.

I also have one 5x7 (057n-1) camera in stock in walnut with black metal hardware. This is the model with the horizontal/vertical back. This model sells for $2000, and the price includes shipping.

I also have a few accessories in stock, including universal bellows for the 4x5 cameras ($95.00), metal lensboards that fit the 4x5 and 5x7 cameras ($35.00 each - pre-drilled for size 0, 1, 3 shutters, or undrilled with a pilot hole). I also have Photo Clam PC-69-UP2 quick release plates that are perfect for use with these Chamonix cameras.

If you'd like to purchase a Chamonix camera, or have any questions, please send an email to:


Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras (http://reallybigcameras.com)